The Dragon Particle: First Photo Of An Alien Species?

Posted by: reece

Researchers from the university of Sheffield and the center for astrobiology at the university of Buckingham unveiled an incredible photograph of a mysterious organism, which was subjected to various analyses that prove that it is the first unequivocal evidence of extraterrestrial life. The alien organism that does not exceed 10 micrometers is dubbed the Dragon Particle and is a biological entity composed of oxygen and carbon, essential elements of life. This discovery proves mankind did not originate on ea

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. More research is needed.

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More research is always welcome, but it seems that it being extraterrestrial is well established.

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reece says2015-11-19T06:14:35.3507739Z
Earth according to the research team*
neutrino6626 says2015-11-19T06:36:50.9853425Z
Link please?
UtherPenguin says2015-11-19T21:46:26.4090553Z
I'm not saying it's aliens. . . But aliens

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