The end of Obamacare?

Posted by: Dr_Obvious

Read the article. This may be the beginning of the end for the unaffordable care act.

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  • I would love to say yes, BUT. Even if the judges rule in favor of the plaintiffs, DingleBarry will probably just amend the law by Executive fart...I meant to say Executive Fiat. Well, no. I didn't. I'll let that stand. It's just too good. BTW. Do you Obama boot lickers condone his previous changes to Obamacare, without the approval of Congress? You do know that it was unconstitutional, right? Don't know why he hasn't been impeached yet. Anyway, it looks like Obiecare is here to stay. I would love to say otherwise, but I'm a realist and a student of history. And history repeats itself.

  • Obama won't back off as much as I would like it to be the end it is not.

  • It's not going anywhere.

  • We need universal health care just like any developed country. The Affordable Healthcare Act may not be the best, but it is a step forward.

    Posted by: rko
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Dr_Obvious says2014-07-08T02:38:49.1727086-05:00
@rko We don't need it. We used to get along just fine without it. America used to have the best healthcare system in the world. We do not need the government telling how we should take care of our health. It messes up everything it involves itself with.
discomfiting says2014-07-08T03:17:12.0646736-05:00
America never had the best healthcare. If you look at the U.S and examine the states that believe in universal healthcare versus fee-for-service healthcare, the single player states that have more publicized healthcare, have lower insured rates. The south and republican states (fee-for-service states) is an insured healthcare wasteland; always was. Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Alaska, etc. They have the highest uninsured rate. Where as the states that lean towards publicized healthcare and get the lowest rates; Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii, CT, Maine and NY. You may thing it's because of population but even California has lower rates despite having 10,000,000 more people in Cali. Look at it on a larger scale; you have countries like Canada, Aus, UK, Norway, etc that spend less on healthcare and get better healthcare because it's socialized. M.A has the lowest uninsured rate in the entire country. The bill they passed in 2006. It was 9.6% and then they passed a bill just like obamacare and in ONE YEAR it dropped to 4.9%. By 2011 it hit below 4.0. Compared to texas that is against having socialized medicine at all, has always been the highest uninsured states, with rates well above 20% reaching 1/4 of their entire population being uninsured.
rko says2014-07-08T13:35:10.1742962-05:00
@Dr_Obvious Who said so? The Republicans in the cotton belt states? Most people in Canada and Europe would laugh their a&s off when you say we used to have the "best" healthcare system in the world. No, we never had the best healthcare system in the world and that's why Canada is well known for it's health care system. I don't think most people in those countries would switch their healthcare to the one America had pre-Obamacare. Not to say that Obamacare is the best option, but it is better than not being protected. So getting into debt because you got breast cancer sounds reasonable to you? Because you Conservatives only see healthcare as a way for liberals to obtain free abortions and contraceptives. But it is not, there are more important things that Obamacare covers and changed from the previous system.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-08T17:56:03.3397188-05:00
Then why are people from Great Britain and Canada coming here and paying out of pocket for treatments? I'll tell you why. Their healthcare systems are screwed. Especially in Great Britain. Sure, people there have healthcare. They also have high out of pocket fees they must pay, lengthy wait times to be treated and treatments that are not covered. Socialized medicine hasn't worked, anywhere it's been tried. A blind man can see that. If something isn't done, we'll wind up just like Canada and GB.

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