The Federation of Earth?

Posted by: bfochtman14

I stumbled upon a Federation of Earth Constitution which establishes a world government. - - Its a long read but even if you just read the Preamble you get a feeling of what its about. What do you think of it?

  • Yes

  • No

50% 7 votes
50% 7 votes
  • While humanity is perfectly capable of tackling regional issues on provincial and national levels (over time), there are problems that no one country or even continent can tackle alone, and which may be crucial for the continued survival of mankind. If there was a sort of federal earth government, then we could begin solving problems that were either impossible to solve before, or for which no one country has an interest in doing so. Think of issues like terrorism, tax evasion, and animal conservation which defy state borders, or global warming, pandemics and nuclear armament issues, all of which are simply too big (and important) for one single country to tackle. There are crucial issues that need to be solved during the 21st century, and we need to give ourselves the means to solve them.

  • The United Federation of Planets.

  • One planet, One species, One country

  • If we unite the world we would need to do so as a new Rome

  • We don't need an NWO.

  • The larger the governing body, the more divorced it is for the people they governed. Also geographically larger countries are inherently more corrupt than smaller countries within comparable cultures. The loss of diversity in governments means we could no longer vote with our feet, and that either some combination of mass brainwashing, physical threats, and dis-empowerment will be required to tame the large dissatisfied masses as there would be no acceptably blanket policy to cover the sheer number of people involved. Also this advocated government has several clauses for the intend and purpose to prevent forms of resistance and challanges, which generally shows you the general expectations when it comparatively denotes more clauses to dis empowering than providing safe guards against its own powers. This doesn't even touch upon the power shifts with 60%+ of the world coming from just a couple of countries (china and india), and quite frankly they are in no form from what I consider ideal cultures/customs, which would inadequately be pushed on to the rest of us. Literally the only reason anyone would advocate this was to enforce their idealistic (aka so people can't deny my "brilliance" or else, aka I'm offended if others live outside of my ideals) policies over other populations who would not have agreed to the system themselves within their own culture/nation/group. The provided constitution literally reeks with idealistic tryany, which accounts for pretty much all of our 20th century dictators.

  • Too early

    Posted by: JDuB
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