The First Order Stormtrooper vs The Republic Clones

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Which army would win in a fight

  • The First Order Stormtroopers

  • The Republic Clones

27% 6 votes
73% 16 votes
  • from what we've seen from the movie, the first order are conscripted at youth and trained intensely, the clones are all the same and don't have that uniqueness to them

  • Many of the first order are trained by old stormtroopers

  • There's not enough feats for the First order Stormtroopers to suggest they are better. But going by training they're pretty much the same, but Clone's have an edge because of the Jango Fett DNA they were cloned from which means they have gift of a natural warrior on their side. However in terms of gear and equipment the First Order's is much more advanced and updated so I'd give them that for the edge. In truth I'd say they're about even but that will probably change once we see more of the First Order later in the other films

  • fuck off first order

    Posted by: suc
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