The Flash vs Green Arrow

Posted by: arrivingdragon250

Let the battle begins! Ep1-By arrivingdragon123

  • The Flash

  • Green Arrow

45% 9 votes
55% 11 votes
  • concerning that the flash could go back in time and kill him as a child I think it speaks for it's self

  • he is better because it has been a show for shorter than the arow, So it is better, Becuase of that, And lightning are really cool. Flash bestest. Arrow can't go back in time and kill himself when he was a child.

  • Green arrow is a more diverse hero, and having all of those weapons makes him one fun man to be reckoned with.

  • Green arrow is better because now he knows what has to be done in some cases like killing them and the flash is to against it so that may come back and bight him so all in all green arrow is better

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stupidparkeris says2018-11-12T16:04:04.6379318Z
Arrow is better because it has been a show for longer than the flash, So it is better, Because of that, And, Arrows are really cool. Arrow is cooler, Because he doesn't need superpowers to stop bad guys. Also his outfit is better. Finally flash is trash.
jeanwunderlichisstupid says2018-11-12T16:04:58.6586540Z
The other person is poop
stupidparkeris says2018-11-12T16:05:21.1997870Z
The other person that commented is stupid so you shouldn't listen to him

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