• The Hunger Games

  • Harry Potter

28% 8 votes
72% 21 votes
  • What kind of question is this... there's no contest. As much as I enjoyed the movies, I can't deny that it's basically a teenage girl's wet dream. It's derivative and unoriginal.

  • Harry potter gives people more creativity and hope. Hungergames is just a slaughter storie

  • Harry Potter is the bestselling book of all time (and is just amazing)!

  • I like Hunger Games, but it's all tears and death. Harry Potter has tears and death, but also sarcasm and laughter.

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American_Patriot2016 says2014-05-14T19:08:10.5245085-05:00
How is Hunger Games not winning this? I would watch Jennifer Lawrence run through the woods shooting people with arrows any day of the week.
Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-15T12:06:24.2787427Z
How can you ask me to choose!!!!????

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