• Jack Nicholson

  • Heath Ledger

17% 5 votes
83% 24 votes
  • it should just be Jack Nicholson or Jack Nicholson

  • I gotta give it to the original, because he nailed the comic book style version. In addition, when Ledger asked for notes from Nicholson, Nicholson filled in the character, and actually encouraged Ledger to turn down the part, because Nicholson already had dealt with mental issues from the role, and was concerned about Ledger's health.

  • Both actors are superb. But Heath Ledger did make the Joker character dark and hilarious how the Joker is meant to be.

  • Great great bad guy. Social Psychology putting human ethics, good vs evil, self interest vs societal well being and moral development up for inspection. It is one of my favorite movies because of him.

  • Nolan wanted The Dark Knight trilogy unique and therefore create a new persona for the characters and Heath Ledger nailed the idea. While Nicholson's performance was entertaining ledger brought a new sense of fear and chaos to the joker and also almost every other character in his trilogy

    Posted by: K4HN
  • Well, Heath ledger did bring something new and original while keeping the character tied to what made the joker, the joker, you cant have something over and over and over or something as iconic as the joker will die out.

    Posted by: Javif
  • More believable.

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muricamurray says2014-07-17T01:16:54.3067273-05:00
Which ones better
PinValentine says2014-07-17T02:19:32.6869126-05:00
I can't decide.
debate_power says2014-07-18T14:23:24.7007770-05:00
Funny how they turned the Joker into an anarchist terrorist when originally he was a jewel thief with a twisted sense of humor.
muricamurray says2014-07-19T00:40:52.5325408-05:00
Jack nicholson is obviously better
UltimateBohab says2014-07-25T17:43:03.7837052-05:00
You are so plebby if you believe Heath Ledger is better
muricamurray says2014-07-28T00:21:26.6362429-05:00
Heath Ledger is terrible

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