The King of Trolls is leaving DDO, perhaps for good. How do you feel about this?

Posted by: bubbatheclown

It's quite obvious who I'm talking about. Just about everyone on DDO should know about it by now.

  • Woohoo! He's finally gone!

  • Noooooooo!

33% 6 votes
67% 12 votes
  • I thought I was the king of trolls. Oh well. Less competition. Lol. Seriously, though. I didn't know them. I'm just trolling. ^_-

  • His conduct was less then exceptional, but there is no doubt that he was the best troll on the internet and one of the most active contributors to the site. He will be dearly missed by everyone (except for the ones who were stupid enough to get into a fight with him); this site will never be the same again.

  • I just saw his count closed and not gonna lie, I'm literally tested up a bit. :'( He was a cool dude.. But I guess some things happen an you just gotta be responsible and accept it. He will surely be missed! God bless you Imabench!

  • Who's gonna stop Mac and I from sli- I mean ki- I mean arguing with each other.

  • I am. Done deal.

  • I liked him at first but recently he just lost it. I still respect him though.

    Posted by: XLAV
  • He will be missed, but I'm pretty sure that he'll be back.

  • We will indeed miss you.

  • Are we talking about Macgreggor?

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T20:14:55.9723893-05:00
This is a once-in-a-lifetime poll. Don't hesitate to leave an answer!
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T20:31:48.2784784-05:00
Tonight a great foe has been vanquished. I salute his passing with great bliss.
Romanii says2014-03-30T20:35:50.1077695-05:00
Bubba, no need to be a jerk. Regardless of whether or not you like him, it is undeniable that he was an essential part of this site.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T20:37:24.6010343-05:00
Oh believe me, if you were able to read that certain PM between me and Imabench, you would understand that I am not being a jerk in the slightest.
GodChoosesLife says2014-03-30T20:42:58.2801007-05:00
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T20:50:13.4721619-05:00
And...Another troll bites the dust.
Romanii says2014-03-30T20:55:38.9068447-05:00
@bubba; I can imagine that it had an excess of verbal abuse, but there's no doubt that he was a valuable member of the site, and to celebrate his passing is just stupid.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T20:58:30.9838261-05:00
Don't ruin my hour of triumph. And I don't recall him doing anything that benefited me, so even if I had nothing to rejoice about, I'd have nothing to be sad about either.
GodChoosesLife says2014-03-30T21:00:10.4456005-05:00
Oh my gosh, guys, please stop :/ Before someone else gets banned.... *walks away feeling sad*
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:01:04.3037349-05:00
And you know what word he just got banned for using? In that PM he used it OVER AND OVER again, as well as f***tard and f***wad. This is what he called me repeatedly. I have absolutely no remorse for him, and I hope he stays off this Site permanently.
Romanii says2014-03-30T21:04:57.9776328-05:00
Whatever helps you sleep at night, clown. I'm going to take GCL's advice and leave you to enjoy your "hour of triumph" alone with no one watching or caring.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:06:04.3248581-05:00
Okay. That's fine with me. Bye.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:09:56.0626759-05:00
Frozen was not worth the huge hype and the billion dollars it generated.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:14:18.5516262-05:00
HA HA HA! The Clown cooks and eats Elsa from Frozen! My revenge is now complete, and this thread may be drowned out by the flood of new pools. I've won in the end against Imabench.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-30T21:32:08.3128836-05:00
Of course, if he shows up on the Site again in a week, I'll be banging my head against the wooden desk...
Josh_b says2014-03-30T22:52:12.5040795-05:00
What did he contribute?
Macgreggor says2014-03-31T00:44:53.0258159-05:00
Good riddance and he can take a gaggle of dipsh*ts with him .
Macgreggor says2014-03-31T00:53:41.6508045-05:00
Josh: NOT sh*t
Venusara says2014-03-31T08:45:48.4100612-05:00
^^^Well looks like he did take one ds with him already. Sorry to see ya go Bench, but also thanks, I owe ya one!!! (Throws confetti) :D

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