• One Punch Man

  • The entire Marvel Universe

48% 25 votes
52% 27 votes
  • i prefer robots over aliens!

  • Not a fair fight since One Punch Man can beat anyone with one punch. It doesn't matter if it is everyone from the MCU. It will just take Saitama longer to beat them all. He is not meant to be taken seriously so his powers are exaggerated.


  • Saitama just punches Marvel Universe. One only punch.

  • he da bestest of all p. S. He could beat the living tribunal, Galactus, Or even the one above all with just one punch

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hamburgersalsa says2018-10-22T17:52:37.8589016Z
One punch man beats everything in one punch and being gay just gives him the power to shoot rainbows. Nothing can rape one punch man because he will kill you all with rainbows and serious punches.
fatdad says2018-10-22T17:53:29.5114949Z

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