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Cold-Mind says2014-07-30T06:46:02.9392550-05:00
Meaning of "life": the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. As for the purpose of life: Life has no purpose, because life is purpose of other purposes, and has highest value of all things.
Burncastle says2014-07-30T07:14:05.0302885-05:00
I agree with cold-mind, although I would add that everyone can create their own purpose.
reece says2014-07-30T07:55:13.7663208-05:00
The Law of Complexity/Consciousness.
Preston says2014-07-30T07:58:57.1385726-05:00
No... I create your purpose! Reece will live to serve me, Burn will live to conquer the world, and cold-minded, eh... Just beat up on reece I guess, seeing as he is my new slave!
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-30T08:48:27.2016881-05:00
Life's purpose is to examine existence and try to seek out and create meaning where there is none.
mishapqueen says2014-07-30T09:07:44.8030400-05:00
My purpose for life is to create a relationship with God that will last for ever.
reece says2014-07-30T09:13:24.3549980-05:00
For the people who are interested in The Law of Complexity/Consciousness. The Law of Complexity/Consciousness is the postulated tendency of matter to become more complex over time and at the same time to become more conscious. The law was first formulated by Jesuit priest and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard holds that at all times and everywhere, matter is endeavoring to complexify upon itself, as observed in the evolutionary history of the Earth. Matter complexified from inanimate matter, to plant life, to animal life, to human life. Or, from the geosphere, to the biosphere, to the noosphere (of which humans represented, because of their possession of a consciousness which reflects upon themselves). As evolution rises through the geosphere, biosphere, and noosphere, matter continues to rise in a continual increase of both complexity and consciousness. For Teilhard, the Law of Complexity/Consciousness continues to run today in the form of the socialization of mankind. The closed and circular surface of the Earth contributes to the increased compression (socialization) of mankind. As human beings continue to come into closer contact with one another, their methods of interaction continue to complexify in the form of better organized social networks, which contributes to an overall increase in consciousness, or the noosphere. Teilhard imagines a critical threshold, the Omega Point, in which mankind will have reached its highest point of complexification (socialization) and thus its highest point of consciousness. At this point consciousness will rupture through time and space and assert itself on a higher plane of existence from which it can not come back. In Teilhard's view, because the Law of Complexity/Consciousness runs everywhere and at all times, and because of the immensity of both time and space and the immensity of the chances for matter to find the right conditions to complexify upon itself, it is highly probable that life exists, has existed, and will exist in the universe apart from our Earth.
o0jeannie0o says2014-07-30T11:17:33.0749711-05:00
Other: to live.
Preston says2014-07-30T11:42:35.2746590-05:00
No reece, your meant to do my bidding, now get me a hot chocolate!
Preston says2014-07-30T11:42:42.4266834-05:00
reece says2014-07-30T11:51:56.9434409-05:00
@Preston i will get your chocolate then I shall throw it at your face. Hows that?
Sfaulkner says2014-07-30T12:01:40.1051377-05:00
The meaning of life is to give life meaning.
JasperFrancisShickadance says2014-07-30T12:09:07.6596812-05:00
Ooh deep, man
Preston says2014-07-30T12:53:27.5522306-05:00
@reece, sounds good, just no dark chocolate... That stuff is toooo bitter!
reece says2014-07-30T12:55:01.1054306-05:00
@Preston So you want dark chocolate?
Preston says2014-07-30T13:04:41.2253870-05:00
@reece, NO!!! Don't you dare!
reece says2014-07-30T13:08:59.0047442-05:00
@Preston dark chocolate it is.
Preston says2014-07-30T13:15:10.0923267-05:00
@reece NOOO! Reece no! Don't do it, its not right!
reece says2014-07-30T13:26:45.7220576-05:00

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