The Minimum Wage increase will Completely mess the economy up

Posted by: brandan

I belive that the Minimum wage increase will have a huge domino affect, i just would like to see what you think, state your opinions!

  • Yes it will

  • No, it wont

61% 11 votes
39% 7 votes
  • Jeannie, if there's more spending, do prices drop? Increasing wages mean that companies will have to either export jobs to lower labor costs or lessen their products' qualities, OR they will have to increase the prices completely. The computer I use to type this up, Apple sell this to make a profit, they're willing to spend extra shipping and tariffs to lower this cost (even though Macs are still pretty fkn expensive). I agree with AJRoss though, we shouldn't make such a jump within such a short amount of time. If we are to get anywhere, companies and workers have to compromise, not a government making a blanket enactment.

  • Obviously.

  • It will just increase inflation and teens won't be able to get jobs.

  • increasing wages will only create a lower unemployment rate, and will trigger spending from people who otherwise wouldent have enough money foe commercial items.

  • Just a small increase adjusted to suit inflation won't

    Posted by: AJRoss
  • An increase, in the Minimum Wage, will not hurt the economy. Even Mitt Romney recently supported the idea. As for $15 an hour -- never gonna happen!

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Kreakin says2014-05-13T16:28:49.7788847-05:00
The poor, yes us, should vote to be paid less lol

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