The More Prescient Author: George Orwell or Philip K. Dick?

Posted by: gametheorist

Which author's ideas/works more accurately foresaw aspects of modern society?

  • George Orwell

  • Philip K. Dick

67% 2 votes
33% 1 votes
  • PKD is a visionary who predicted the moral questions technology poses us today. He practically created cyberpunk before it was a thing. But that said, Orwell so perfectly predicted the dangers of totalitarianism, and described them in such accurate detail it's incredible. Reading 1984 and comparing it to modern North Korea is eery, they're so perfectly similar. Orwell was in a unique position to understand the evils of totalitarianism. He was a lifelong social democrat and fought for the Spanish Republican Army, an army dominated by Marxist communists and organized by the left wing anarchist union CNT-FAI, which ran all of Catalonia under an anarchist model for the duration of the war. Fighting fascism, he had a very good understanding of the evils of authoritarian regimes. But the Spanish Republicans were waiting on aid from the Soviet Union - aid that never came because the Soviets recognized that movements like anarchism and utopian communism were just as dangerous to their own corrupt totalitarian system as it was to the fascists. Even moreso than a novelist, Orwell was a brilliant journalist who tackled the problems of authoritarianism, populism, and establishment politics (when he left to fight for the Spanish Republicans, the Labour Party wouldn't support him so he had to split off to join the Independent Labour Party). PKD was a brilliant futurist, but Orwell was one of the keenest political observers in history.

    Posted by: brycef
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