• Donald Trump

  • Donald Duck

38% 12 votes
62% 20 votes
  • Same thing

    Posted by: Wylted
  • @Wylted that's an insult to Donald Duck.

  • Trump, has 1. Practically no experience in politics. 2. Would be a nightmare at foreign policy with his incredibly thin skin. 3. Would severely harm agriculture with his plan to deport all illegals. 4. Has little to nothing of actual substance to contribute in debates.


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Ethan14 says2015-12-02T17:41:16.4860161Z
Hulk runs third party and wins the election.
reece says2015-12-02T23:00:19.2226620Z
@Ivan2002 Sometimes less is more. Would Donald Duck ask for nuclear launch codes?
Pigzooka says2015-12-03T03:33:29.0235985Z
Boy, Trump is coming up, but can he beat the incumbent?
reece says2015-12-03T04:02:22.7496848Z
@BIGC Yeah, but what about Donald Duck?
BIGC says2015-12-03T04:40:24.3286592Z
@reece well, you do make a good point :D
Gumble says2015-12-03T18:47:15.7290547Z
JDuB says2015-12-09T21:13:25.0079123Z
be_diligent says2016-01-20T16:55:21.6106492Z
@Greg he certainly has more experience than the current POTUS. All general statements, some people think the media is honest...Lol

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