The Quebec question: Should Quebec be an independent country?

Posted by: Chris96

  • Yes - Quebec should be an independent country. (Secede from Canada).

  • No - Quebec should not be an independent country. (Remain with Canada).

20% 2 votes
80% 8 votes
  • There is a thick isogloss between Quebec and the rest of Canada; they should secede based off this one reason.

  • It is better for Canada to be unified. Canada is stronger with Quebec and Quebec is stronger with Canada. The closest liberty they should ever be granted, is autonomy.

  • I'm not from Canada but I don't think it's really necessary for Quebec to become its own country. Remember what happened when South Sudan broke out from Sudan and became its own country. It caused more chaos and violence. I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to Canada. I think territories should only become their own country when it's absolutely safe and necessary!

  • United Canada is strong Canada. What's the point of creating fake countries?

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slefievero says2016-07-27T21:11:57.9864494Z
There is a thick isogloss between Quebec and the rest of Canada; they should be able to secede based off this reason.
SeventhProfessor says2016-07-27T23:28:17.4152813Z
It actually doesn't matter
slefievero says2016-07-28T03:40:34.4204612Z
It actually does

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