The Roast Game, families ate their children as their "Christmas Roast" (Literally and I'm being serious), do you agree?

Posted by: BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2

Do you agree with this proven fact (before proven, was a theory)?

Poll closed on 11/1/2017 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes

  • No

60% 6 votes
40% 4 votes
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BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-27T07:08:50.7284014Z
I agree and I've proven it.
Cherrypalm says2017-10-27T07:12:12.0395364Z
yanagurl136 says2017-10-27T09:14:35.4746094Z
This is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the first time. :) Have a nice day.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-27T21:30:59.6769473Z
@frankfurter50 that was a poor argument
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-27T21:32:15.1658312Z
At least those who said yes were being honest.
yanagurl136 says2017-10-27T21:36:20.3442037Z
So was yours. @Bryanwhateveryournameis
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-27T23:44:28.8150876Z
@yanagurl136 I know that, you don't need to tell me that.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-29T00:25:07.8955039Z
I might as well win the debate about "The Vatican"
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-29T00:27:07.1426683Z
For those others who said "Yes" thank you for being honest about your past about eating children as a "Christmas Roast" This is a serious topic, OK?! So, do you understand now? Yes you guys do.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-29T00:52:48.5978894Z
@Mharman that's not even a good reason why to say "No"
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-29T22:36:24.8669795Z
Still the same
yanagurl136 says2017-10-29T22:38:06.7356325Z
But the "Yes" is barely winning. (1 vote)
DawnBringerRiven says2017-10-30T13:27:19.6762056Z
This is obviously true. I can say this has happened as I have eaten my own children as a Christmas roast on many occasions (Literally I am dead serious) .
yanagurl136 says2017-10-31T14:50:51.4650672Z
Someone please explain to me HOW this is a proven fact?!!
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-31T20:07:04.2996407Z
@yanagurl136 I've proven it in a debate. That's how it's a proven fact. Mharman is the real loser because he didn't play the game, he attacked it.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-10-31T20:07:58.3383871Z
@yanagurl136 you know what? You still lost. The majority agrees.
yanagurl136 says2017-11-01T02:14:07.4288137Z
This is actually fun. XD
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-11-12T01:06:32.5653688Z
@DawnBringerRiven Families should go to prison for literally eating their own children for 19 years. Thanks for being honest about yourself with this topic
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-11-15T05:23:30.5630980Z
This is a really popular poll.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-11-26T06:40:28.8038132Z
The roast game is true fact. I'm not a troll!
Flameslinger says2017-11-30T15:56:01.5617310Z
I mean, I don't doubt someone wouldn't do it but I haven't found any evidence for either side as of yet
Flameslinger says2017-11-30T15:58:14.2093813Z
If it is true, then I have lost quite some faith in humanity
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-11-30T20:39:58.7331122Z
@Flameslinger it is obviously true, you can't deny it.
DawnBringerRiven says2017-11-30T20:42:47.4481937Z
@BryanMuslims Your welcome! :)
Crazy456Rhino says2017-11-30T23:54:59.6193174Z
@BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 You do realize that @SeventhProfessor and @bossyburrito were joking with their votes, right? Therefore, they don't count.
DawnBringerRiven says2017-12-01T00:04:47.9770889Z
Actually everyone who voted agree was joking including me lol. I believe Bryan is trolling as well but now I'm not so sure.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-12-01T00:20:56.7900992Z
@DawnBringerRiven you were actually serious.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-12-01T00:22:09.5489656Z
@Crazy456ignorantlyextinctRhino don't you realize that they were serious.
DawnBringerRiven says2017-12-01T01:19:01.1192345Z
Oh yeah you're right! I was serious but I just didn't notice! You have opened my eyes to the truth.
bombingout says2017-12-01T19:34:32.1799077Z
I agree cause.................................................................................................
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-12-04T06:43:45.7397084Z
@bombingout because it is true.
NDECD1441 says2017-12-13T07:09:55.0496424Z
*facepalm* Goddddd....
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2017-12-16T04:09:14.8346814Z
@NDECD1441 You are just ignorant, you just might as well have to agree with The Roast Game!

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