The Theory of Existence

Posted by: HeavenlyPanda

What is your view on the Theory of Existence

  • Everything exists until proven not to exist.

  • Nothing exists until proven to exist.

36% 4 votes
64% 7 votes
  • innocent until proven guilty right?

  • I am an organic entity and as such the universe is required before I can exist. Therefore my perceptions has ALWAY been that there was something here before me. This does not assert that my perception is accurate, however, as it does not seem possible to obtain empirical evidence and I am unaware of any such evidence I have support this statement.

  • God spoke everything into existence that we see and many things that we cannot see. One of the things the Bible says is "what has been, will be." Another is "There is nothing new under the sun." Everything came into existence in 6 days. The first world was destroyed by water because of the fallen angels teaching humankind what should not have been taught. The fallen angels had children with the human women which was forbidden by God, and their children were the men of renown, Hercules, Thor, Zeus, etc. and their children were the giants that were in the world such as Cyclops and the few giants called by name in the Holy Bible. David slew Goliath who was a giant. Giant bones are found throughout the world. Giant animals were killed in the flood of Noah also. These we call dinosaurs today of which the fish species like the whale still exists. There is a lot more to mythology than man believes. The City of Troy and the Trojans were thought to be mythology until recently the city was located in Turkey by archaeologists. If you can think it, it probably does exist. Sometimes I think God hides the invisible world from mankind, because man's minds and hearts can only handle so much. If you've ever been through a house fire, a major car accident, plane crash, you will understand how hard it is to get this out of the mind and during the incident, you felt your heart would fail you by jumping out of your chest.

  • Well, it can't really exist until we see it does. How would we know something exists without actually discovering it?

  • If I told you I had a cake for you if you gave me £5 without showing you I had that cake, would you believe me? What if I showed you a really delicious cake and offered you the same deal. Would you take it then? I just reduced your philosophical on the theory of existence to cake.

  • It's funny that the answer would be poised this way, as my defense has to do with the object of "nothing" itself, since, the question of existence has as much to do with the existence of nothing. The obvious answer is to say that, "If there is light, then there must be dark," but this doesn't hold up when you consider something as strange as existence. The existence of light is different from light itself. If Nothing exists, beyond the Objective Nothing. Say that we're in a field, and you say, "There's nothing here!" The field has the quality of nothingness on the grounds that, there is nothing which is not of the field; if there were a bouncy castle in the middle of the field, then you could say, "There's just a bouncy castle in the field," now there is something in the field. I believe the same could be said of existence. It is possible that, we exist objectively within the universe, our field, but the question is whether we can be eradicated, and therefore, enter the larger nothing of oblivion, true nonexistence. The thesis of my point is, though, that, until "nothing" (oblivion) exists, then existence/being does not truly exist.

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Furyan5 says2016-07-11T19:36:35.0577313Z
Lol let me throw a spanner in the works. If we rely on what our senses tell us to prove what our senses tell us then we can't actually prove anything. For example, right now my brain is converting electrical impulses from the optic nerve into images of my surroundings. Science tells me that color does not exist outside of my perceptions, yet i see colors. How can I trust anything i see, hear, smell, taste or touch actually exists? Or that things i can't detect do exist?
bhguy says2016-07-12T17:27:42.6814388Z
To get really theoretical here, the only thing you know truly exists is yourself. How do you know for a fact that anyone, or anything else exists? Can you be sure this isn't a developed dream or a simulation? Just based on how far we've come in terms of science and games within only 40 years, how far will that be developed in a thousand years? What about a few million? It will most likely be indistinguishable from reality.
LordDeathera says2016-07-14T12:06:32.6835166Z
@Furyan Colours don't exist until you see them because your brain has to see the light coming off of the object, and work out what colour it should be from that. Just like if I blindfolded you and gave you a knife but told you it was blunt, you wouldn't know until you tested for yourself to see if stabbing yourself with it hurt. You would then work out that the knife is sharp based on sensory input.
LordDeathera says2016-07-14T12:12:12.4068943Z
@bhguy It's unlikely such technology will ever be developed. There is a limit to how much our technology can advance, and such advanced technology would have far too many bugs and glitches to try and fix. And that's inly the minor problems. Actually making the textures and graphics in general look as realistic as reality would be impossible, because there is always a difference which might be subtle, but it's there and it differentiates game from reality. Just like looking through the window of a car - everything looks slightly different to what it does when you look at it without the window. And then there is the coding side of things. Not only would it takes years to develop the code, but it would be so complicated that it would be extremely difficult to patch bugs or hacks or any such things. Plus, a program of that size would be impossible to keep on any storage device because the amount of memory that would take up would be insane. And of course, that's the just one world. We're not taking into account cities, cars, AI, player models, etc. There would simply be too much data to store and the code would be impossible to create.

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