The Treaty of Versailles can be justified

Posted by: TGASOrr

Was the 1919 Treaty of Versailles a justifiable peace treaty against Germany?

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When the Russians surrendered in 1917, the Germans forced them to sign a very harsh peace treaty. The Russians had to give Germany lots of money and some of their land. Surely this means that the Allies are justified in being just as harsh to Germany at Versailles.

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By forcing Germany to sign such a harsh treaty it would create a sense of anger and hatred among German people against Britain, France and the USA. Germans would be more likely to support a war against these countries in the future.

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Anonymous says2016-09-23T20:35:21.0575277Z
This poll is largely biased towards the allies. Either way, it makes the Treaty out to be a piece of useless paper set out to make a war knowingly, or it to be a reasonable Treaty that was much more lenient than the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
Anonymous says2016-09-23T20:55:41.4065955Z
Also, how is Mr. Peake?

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