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They are racist because they didn't vote for obama

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They don't care about the environment because they don't want to stop war

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They believe Obama is a secret Muslim coming for their guns.

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They hate the poor because they don't want to raise minimum wage

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They are ALL wealthy because Romney is wealthy.

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They hate women because they don't want to kill baby's.

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Liberal_democrat_socalist says2014-08-11T16:07:00.4220858-05:00
I will add more answers later
Dr_Obvious says2014-08-11T17:41:50.1479015-05:00
kasmic says2014-08-11T18:06:22.8162215-05:00
Great options! If only I could pick them all.
texans14 says2014-08-11T19:44:54.2096936-05:00
Ok, stop trolling.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-08-11T19:52:10.5242693-05:00
Republicans want to get rid of many programs that help the poor and homeless stay alive, that is where the argument is for them not thinking about the lower class. I have not heard anyone call republicans racist for not voting for Obama. In fact, if you voted for Obama only because he was not white... You would actually be racist. Fetus =/= Baby. That is a fact, something that you need to get through your minuscule brain. The environment argument comes from the amount of support for fossil fuels from the republican party and that there are some conservative groups that don't like it when certain national parks are protected. I have never seen an argument for them all being wealthy. The fact that republicans hold their guns at so high of value is something that I find pathetic, and the fact that they don't think gun control is a good idea (not banning guns, gun control) is pathetic. The issue of the claim that Obama is a Muslim is separate from this issue though.
SenatorZhen says2014-08-11T21:06:39.1088114-05:00
Banning guns is not a good idea. We would only take guns out of honest people's hands and depriving them of a way to defend themselves. Raising the minimum wage is simply a flawed policy tool. According to the AEI, raising it to just $9.50 would only affect 11.3% of workers. There are many reasons for this. Option 2 is irrelevant. An overwhelming majority disagree with Obama's policies, not because of his color of skin. I think most candidates hold the same way. The "war on women" accusation just isn't as big as the left makes it out to be. You will find most Republicans condone abortion if it causes danger to the mother or if there were extenuating circumstances (rape, incest, etc.) However, if a woman chooses to conceive a child with someone, she must deal with the responsibility that entails. The American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for their birth control through the federal government. I don't think the subjects in Option 4 are mutually exclusive. Republicans generally support environmental protection, but think it should be implemented through states rather than having a federal agency known to overstep and hurt Americans through it's overreaching regulations. Option 5 doesn't have any statistical backing. In fact, you will find that in states where there is a substantial Republican majority, the GDP is lower and incomes are lower. Option 6 is based off of the hysteria created by more radical conservative groups. It is generalizing Republicans and is being used as an ad hominem attack. Plus, as I stated before, banning guns isn't a practical policy.
SweetTea says2014-08-12T06:54:47.4526815-05:00
Well, I don't think every option describes every Republican. But I do think that all Republicans fit at least one of the options given.
lannan13 says2014-08-12T08:47:24.0666189-05:00
Liberal_democrat_socalist says2014-08-12T12:28:47.8650545-05:00
Calm down, this is a great poll.
Liberal_democrat_socalist says2014-08-12T12:52:16.2815353-05:00
Texans14 iannan13: congratulations! You have made the list of people I dont like on DDO! Dont worry, there's other people too your not alone!
Liberal_democrat_socalist says2014-08-12T12:52:43.7529592-05:00
Dangit, you too sweetea, sorry i forgot to add you
Liberal_democrat_socalist says2014-08-12T12:52:57.2468727-05:00
Sweetea: congratulations! You have made the list of people I dont like on DDO! Dont worry, there's other people too your not alone!

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