The United States spends more than the rest of the world combined on our military.

Posted by: 1814Username

If we spent as much as the only super power that could really challenge us, that would free up enough money so the first $30,000 of income could be tax free. Should we spend less on the miltiary and tax Americans much less?

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Spend less and give Americans a tax break.

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Keep spending more the entire world combined.

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reece says2014-07-11T21:25:58.0299696-05:00
Gogert777:1.Http://www.Telegraph.Co.Uk/technology/news/7487740/Star-Trek-style-force-field-armour-being-developed-by-military-scientists.Html 2.
dmussi12 says2014-07-11T21:29:52.0925157-05:00
The problem with saying 'spend on education' is that school funding happens at the state level while defense is funded by the fed. However, I see that it wouldn't be hard to relocate that money with grants, or cut fed taxes and raise state ones. Or you could start paying off the federal deficit.
reece says2014-07-11T21:32:42.5379413-05:00
Dmussi12: So whats you argument?
reece says2014-07-11T21:33:00.1777389-05:00
discomfiting says2014-07-11T21:34:01.2555413-05:00
Regardless of the way to spend the money, there are definitely way more appropriate uses of it than military.
dmussi12 says2014-07-11T21:35:16.3071413-05:00
Just reread what I said, and realized I didn't really say anything. Sorry about that
reece says2014-07-11T21:37:09.2333354-05:00
Dmussi12: LOL i know, it was a rhetorical question.
Seido says2014-07-11T21:41:18.8334313-05:00
Spend less on the military, don't cut taxes, put the money into different programs such as schooling.
discomfiting says2014-07-11T21:44:09.7158313-05:00
Or instead of military, we could fund this.
reece says2014-07-11T21:56:00.7232529-05:00
Discomfiting: yeah i already know about them but that's the best solar roadway video I've seen.
Haroush says2014-07-11T22:09:43.0785771-05:00
We have already cut back on our military to pre-WWII levels! Damn, how much do people want to degrade our defenses... In that case, why don't we just get rid of ALL of our defenses.. Sheesh!
ararmer1919 says2014-07-12T00:51:38.0897406-05:00
Keep it where it is. Our military is an absolute necessity and as for the "give the people a tax break". F**k the people. Bunch of whinny, self absorbed, welfare w***** who think they have it so bad when they don't know s***. If anything it's time to raise taxes and tell all these crybaby civilians to quit thier b******
ararmer1919 says2014-07-12T00:53:54.4009483-05:00
Hey, here's an idea!! Let's cut back on our trillion dollar out if control, corupt, crooked and broken welfare system. How's that sound?
ararmer1919 says2014-07-12T00:55:29.3899572-05:00
Also, yes it's true. We spend more on our military then any other group of nations combined. We also male more then any of those nations combined. What other contry makes 17 trillion a year??? And our defense budget is only 600 billion of that.
reece says2014-07-12T00:57:19.0742164-05:00
I stand my ground for education...
Gogert777 says2014-07-12T01:05:45.8870164-05:00
Ww could make more with cannabis.
1814Username says2014-07-12T07:01:04.6803249-05:00
I haven't even touched the issue of the Pentagon "losing" 2.3 Trillion and the FED "losing" 9 Trillion. To ararmer, yeah it makes sense to cut funding for programs that help people and increase funding for programs that kill people ..... Please ..... One day you just might find yourself in need of help. In fact, I know you will.
dmussi12 says2014-07-12T09:43:09.2137510-05:00
@discomfiting Solar roadways are too expensive and not too efficient. Instead the money would be better spent on nuclear energy programs. If you're worried about safety, then perhaps some money should go into researching Generation IV reactors. @Haroush You're forgetting that we were involved in a 50 year Cold War with another superpower with a military almost as strong as ours. Not anymore. China? They spend nothing. Russia? Nothing. Even if both attacked us at once, we could literally flatten their cities in an instant. @ararmer I actually understand that we need people in turbulent areas, like the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We are protecting Europe's and China's oil supplies, not just our own, and someone needs to do it. I agree it should be us. However, that doesn't explain why we have so many troops stationed in Germany, Japan (I kind of understand Japan) the UK, and Italy. Or why we have over a million here, for that matter. @Gogert Just because we can make money off of something doesn't mean it should be legalized. My compromise would to be stop jailing people for possession. Just fine them like $1000 (an arbitrary number) and increase it whenever they are caught again. Then we start making money off the war on drugs and clear up jails. Plus this isn't even relevant to the topic at hand. @1814 We do spend more on Social Security than Defense, so if we are serious about saving money, we need to make cuts across the board.

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