The world's first solar powered airport (links in description).

Posted by: reece

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MAVER1CK says2015-10-05T01:07:34.1057105Z
It's so great! I don't think people realize how small of an area is needed to power the entire planet through solar power. Look it up, it's miniscule! And that's only with the solar panels used today which will almost definitely improve in the future.
TBR says2015-10-05T16:29:02.5978055Z
The panels are not the issue any longer. Battery (storage) are the next big issue. Not to say its not viable right now, just we need to work on several techs to round out the solution.
BIGC says2015-10-05T18:40:03.3024952Z
Solar panes are an inconceivable way with our tech right now to power the world

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