There are (virtually) no wars fought in the name of atheism.

Posted by: Zylorarchy

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  • It is clearly false to say that religion has caused more deaths than anything else in history because it hasn’t, this is fact. But it is equally false when theists claim that all the major conflicts are somehow caused by atheism. They point to Hitler and Stalin being atheists. But their argument fails because both Hitler and Stalin did not start wars due to atheist beliefs, World War 2 was not fought in the name of atheism. After some research, I have failed to find a single war which has been fought due to atheist beliefs. Wars started by atheists does not mean they are atheist wars. This would make about as much sense as claiming a war started by the US is a Christian war purely because it had a Christian president. Unless the war is fought in the name of a religion or atheism, then it cannot be a religious or atheist war. But unlike religion which can be attributed to warfare, no wars are fought in the name of atheism.

  • Go ahead and tell me one war started by atheism.. go ahead... :/

  • I am going to have to pick this one since I can't think of any.

  • As far as reality is concerned, not really.

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Formerland1 says2014-06-28T11:04:23.1156790-05:00
I'm so sorry my poll was in the wrong part so I reported it and I will rewrit it inthe other side later
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-29T04:43:47.3026931-05:00
If you vote for the wrong option, you can just click on the one you wanted to vote for and the comment will be the same.
SweetTea says2014-06-30T18:57:58.3920726-05:00
There aren't any fought in the name of religion, but Atheists have started wars. It is a fair assumption that their lack of religious beliefs as well as motives & intelligence played a role in their decision-process. Http://listverse.Com/2010/06/05/10-people-who-give-atheism-a-bad-name/
Zylorarchy says2014-07-01T05:23:21.1307380-05:00
SweetTea: An interesting read, but not all of these individuals started wars "in the name of atheism". In fact many on that list seemed to merely be coincidently atheist, and so the blame was put on atheism. But in regards t your statement "There aren't any fought in the name of religion", tell me why exactly ISIS are fighting to create an ISLAMIC state? This is but one of many examples. That group is fighting purely for Jihad and the creation of an extreme Islamic country. How is this not in the name of religion? I mean yes I buy no means defend those people who you cited, but for many on that list if not most, their motives were not done in the name of atheism. The only convincing part of this article was about Stalin who I accept, clearly led a slaughter against theists.
patrick967 says2014-07-01T10:59:49.6563195-05:00
Just because atheists started wars doesn't mean they were started in the name of atheism.
Zylorarchy says2014-07-11T05:01:53.8605497-05:00
Preston: ... WW1 & WW2 were not fought IN THE NAME of Atheism. Nor were they caused by it.
Preston says2014-07-11T07:02:38.5688351-05:00
@zylorarchy, WWI and WWII weren't based on anything but the cold war was, you know the one that could have destroyed the world, ever real Stalin's views on religion?
Zylorarchy says2014-07-11T08:12:52.6913395-05:00
Preston: You were not talking about the Cold War, you stated the World War's as an example. Neither were fought in the name of atheism nor were they caused by it. You practically admit it so it makes no sense why you cited these wars as an example. No no no, the Cold War was not "fought" in the name of atheism, atheism had little to do with it. Stalin's execution of religious people (usually Orthodox) were arguably indeed, committed in the name of atheism (the only possible example I have ever found credible when people state atheism causes war etc.), however the Cold War was not. The Cold War continued after the death of Stalin and although the religious killings were probably in the name of atheism, atheism cannot be attributed to all the other deaths Stalin has caused. An estimated 10-20 million died due to Stalin's atheist views, the other killings (majority) however were more attributed to Marxism, as they were not killed due to religious beliefs. Atheism cannot truly be blamed for the majority of deaths which wer done in the name of Marxism and communism. Fully blaming atheism here would be like calling America's wars in the middle east Christian holy wars merely because it is a Christian country led by a currently Christian president, that would be inaccurate and unfair. Not to mention the Cold War was mostly "fought" after Stalin's time.
Preston says2014-07-11T08:22:00.2610887-05:00
Yes the cold war very much was due to atheism, the people executed in the soviet union caused several times where we interjected and tensions rose, and I stated WWI and WWII as examples were religion weren't factors. And claiming this is nothing like calling motions in the east holy wars, if we were eliminating people for religious reasons, like china, Russia, and basically any other soviet state, then you could claim it as a holy war.
Zylorarchy says2014-07-11T08:32:20.8500313-05:00
Preston: The Cold War took place due to tensions which arose primarily due to different economic and political differences. Capitalism vs Communism, Totalitarianism vs Democracy... Atheism has little to no part here, nether side was fighting for atheism or against one another due to religious belief. And as I say, atheism was minor in comparison to all those who died mainly due to communist beliefs... The Cold War would have occurred whether atheism was present or not. And I would like to point out that, if the Cold War is your best example... It really isn't much of a case, no one really died in the Cold War. True their was the likes of Vietnam and Afghanistan, but the main Cold War itself, well it has that name for a reason. But as I say, in reality atheism and the Cold War have little to do with each other. Communism was the greater cause and although communism is indeed atheist, this was one of the lesser aspects of it. The West and East did not despise each other due to religious differences, but due to political and economic differences.
Preston says2014-07-11T08:35:48.5341626-05:00
It doesn't matter that some died to communism to, the people killing even in the name of communism were also killing in the name of atheism, that is key to why there were tensions between Russia and the US. You realize a countries religious view is what forms their actions, why are we a democracy that still allows guns, bans substances, fights abortion, bans gay marriage? Because we are predominately Christian, Russia committed genocide on its own people, more than the holocaust, and that was for religious reasons.
Zylorarchy says2014-07-11T08:41:29.3947438-05:00
Preston: No, see that is where the argument fails. Although the US technically has no official religion is in reality a Christian country, yes you are correct there. You really think that Christianity therefore accounts for every action the US takes? No, that is not true... The UK is a Christian country and guess what, gay marriage is legal, guns are banned, and abortion is not fought against. If your argument was true, both the UK and the US would be fighting for and have, the same policies/laws, but they do not despite being both Christian. Therefore no, a religion does not account for a country's actions, and atheism is not responsible for every single death caused in the name of communism.
Preston says2014-07-11T08:48:32.7966579-05:00
See this is where your argument falls apart, you assume you understand the UK's Culture. The UK was a country forced to participate in a religious belief and actually if you knew anything about the UK you would know the country right now is not a predominately Christian nation, instead they have a high populous that is Muslim or nothing at all. And the USA a country that is around 1000 uk's in space is massively different due to the spread of culture. Its illogical to say that the us is like any other predominately Christian country because of culture in the regions around the US. Here lets look at California 22% of Cali don't identify with a religion. In Texas, 4.5% don't identify with a religion and 64.4% are protestants. Do you see any difference between these states?
EthicsPhilosopher says2014-07-25T22:27:11.0077056-05:00
BTW Stalin and Mao started wars in the name of communism..

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