There has been a Sound of Music: Live, Peter Pan: Live, The Wiz: Live and a Grease Live. Should there be a Les Miserables: live?

Posted by: SegBeg

I think there should.

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Yeah. Les Mis is the perfect musical to get a live performance!!!

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I wouldn't mind it

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Uh, no. It already has a movie. What more does it need?

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42lifeuniverseverything says2016-07-13T11:17:25.8884050Z
Whoever made this is not thinking too hard. Les Miserables was a play by Victor Hugo which means that when it was performed, IT WAS LIVE in every sense of the word. It didn't get recorded until it was almost 300 years old. This poll is silly.
SegBeg says2016-07-13T12:18:16.9358161Z
@42lifeuniverseverything, Actually Les Miserables was a NOVEL written by Victor Hugo in 1862 and was turned into a little French musical in 1980 until Claude Michael Schoenberg and Alan Boubil turned it into a full length sung through musical where it premiered on the West End in 1985 and on Broadway in 1987. See I know my Les Mis history very well. What I mean by a making a live adaption of Les Mis is like a live TELEVISED movie like they did with the Sound Of Music, The Wiz, Peter Pan and Grease. Of course I know it is always performed live when on stage. I'm not an idiot. If you think this poll is silly, then don't vote on it. Simple as that!!!
42lifeuniverseverything says2016-07-13T17:16:34.0846957Z
Alright fair enough. I guess I meant that its been a play before, or musical. My bad.
SegBeg says2016-07-13T17:57:44.9070106Z
It's okay. Thanks for voting on my poll anyway!

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