There should be a spam filter on this website

Posted by: Bruvton

There are a lot of advertisements posted as debates on this website, and an easy solution would be spam filters that detect phone number, right?

  • Yes! Advertisers like Baba Ji are continuously spamming us with trashy advertisements!

  • No! These services are useful, and I like these marriage counseling and psychic services.

92% 23 votes
8% 2 votes
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Debating_Horse says2018-06-27T18:43:41.2318079Z
The problem is that the moderators do not do their jobs in moderating the site and preventing the spam from appearing across the pages of the website.
Bruvton says2018-06-28T09:24:40.4469237Z
The problem isn't paid advertisements, it' (ignore this: some Indian sitting in his mother's basement who has nothing better to do than advertise for his failing business) people posting debates that contain unpaid advertisements.
Nicole789 says2018-07-09T19:42:12.2351962Z
I also saw one ad in "Debates" where they give you a link for watching volleyball live for free (but this surely is illegal)

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