Theresa May VS Jeremy Corbyn

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Who is better, Theresa May (Prime Minister) of Jeremy Corbyn (Leader of the Opposition) as of August 2016?

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Theresa May

6 votes

Jeremy Corbyn

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Scots_167 says2016-08-02T16:50:30.6461891Z
I hate both of them, one's a looney(Jeremy), and the other said Britain shall leave the EU, yet she continues to keep them in as long as possible. Which to me, is messed up, I hate them both. New elections!
triangle.128k says2016-08-02T18:30:48.4090480Z
@Scots That's why we need Nigel Farage
TheBilbo1 says2016-08-02T18:41:30.0792775Z
@Scots_167 She is not going to trigger Article 50 until all the preparations are in place. For instance David Davis is ready or possible informal trade negotiations with countries outside the EU have begun. You do not fire until you have aimed. Also, the Prime Minister cannot call a general election because of the 'Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011'.
boomclap says2017-11-14T11:44:07.7195081Z
@TheBilbo1 thanks for clarifying, for those dumb enough to not realise that Jeremy Corbyn is the devils right hand man

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