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labarum says2014-05-27T20:39:22.2982349-05:00
Why thorium
labarum says2014-05-28T15:45:07.3000513-05:00
Were is the evidence to suggest that Thorium would be a superior material for creating energy as compared to other resources?
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-29T01:32:00.7903809-05:00
Thorium fuel cycles offer attractive features, including lower levels of waste generation, less transuranic elements in that waste, and providing a diversification option for nuclear fuel supply. Also, the use of thorium in most reactor types leads to extra safety margins. Despite these merits, the commercialization of thorium fuels faces some significant hurdles in terms of building an economic case to undertake the necessary development work. Its a tough sell, but it does have a lot of benefits. Http://www.World-nuclear.Org/info/current-and-future-generation/thorium/

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