• Great guy, he leaked information against an evil organization

  • Traitor against the US government!

87% 20 votes
13% 3 votes
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tommytom says2015-05-18T19:02:49.9900187-05:00
Mixed feelings about the whole spying thing anyway. We are in a dangerous world and I understand why they might want to take precaution against terrorists to prevent attacks and protect lives. On the other hand, I do like my privacy though. The situation perhaps could have been handled differently. I dunno.
triangle.128k says2015-05-18T19:05:31.8757707-05:00
Terrorists communicate so securely, NSA spying is barely making an impact.
triangle.128k says2015-05-18T19:05:49.9430341-05:00
Osama Bin Laden himself didn't even communicate through a computer, I think.
MechVarg says2015-05-18T19:48:13.8207753-05:00
Good job to him, but why's he in Russia?
blackkid says2015-05-18T21:04:36.8163309-05:00
I think Snowden was just the man who broke the link between what everyone quietly knew and what everyone quietly accepted.
58539672 says2015-05-18T21:19:18.3539823-05:00
@MechVarg Snowden was granted political asylum by the Russian government. Though many consider him a hero for calling out NSA's spying, he did break several layers of security clearance and now has a warrant out for his arrest in the US and nearly all its allies. He was in China for a while, but the US was putting additional pressure on the country to get them to deport him (China is more susceptible to US policy than people think). He then went to Russia because they will never give any political refugee over to the US. Russia is simply the last place on earth were the US can't get him.

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