Thoughts On Gays

Posted by: Lt.Harris

I don't support gays but I definitely don't hate them but I wanted to see what other people though.

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Support but am not one

26 votes

Don't support but don't hate

7 votes
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Am One

5 votes

Hate them

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Don't Care

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Emoore735 says2014-05-14T13:35:40.7803637-05:00
Id really know but im not i like women
Lt.Harris says2014-05-14T13:37:02.9143637-05:00
SNP1. I get that. I don't think that their rights should be taken or anything and yes, they should have equal rights. I just don't support that particular life style.
SNP1 says2014-05-14T13:55:25.9230962-05:00
What part of the "lifestyle" do you not support?
Lt.Harris says2014-05-14T13:58:45.3846962-05:00
The general being gay. I just don't think that being gay is right but as long as it isn't shoved in my face, I really don't care. If they want to be gay, let them be gay. I just don't hate them. I've said it in other debates, I have a friend who's sister is gay and she hangs out with us sometimes and I really don't care. It she wants to be gay, that's her choice. I only get upset when some people (definitely not all) getting all uppity that just because I don't support them means I hate them and am homophobic.
Geogeer says2014-05-14T13:59:12.5754962-05:00
The question is vague and meaningless.
Fanath says2014-05-14T13:59:15.9918962-05:00
Lol, the only chance is who you are attracted to. Not like there's a huge difference in gay people's lifestyles...
Fanath says2014-05-14T13:59:40.0831637-05:00
Lt.Harris says2014-05-14T14:00:20.6275637-05:00
@Fanath That is my point. As long as they don't lord the fact that they are gay, I don't care. I didn't know my friend's sister was gay til my friend told me.
Fanath says2014-05-14T14:02:37.2211637-05:00
It isn't a choice to be gay.
Lt.Harris says2014-05-14T14:03:21.0727637-05:00
Um. Yes. It is a choice. There are people who used to be gay that are straight and vice versa.
SNP1 says2014-05-14T14:04:26.3383338-05:00
Lt.Harris, people like that are born bisexual, but there are people that are born heterosexual and people born homosexual.
Fanath says2014-05-14T14:04:29.7547776-05:00
No, it's based on genetics.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-14T14:04:44.8401710-05:00
There are Bi-Curious people. People who are just curious. There are Bi Sexual, who switch between the two.
Crescendo says2014-05-14T16:16:46.3687637-05:00
This poll shows what kind of *expletive* nation we're becoming.

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