Thoughts on Hitler?

Posted by: General-Z

What do you think of the Fuhrer?

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A man who clearly admired his country, but went too far.

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An evil man who murdered minions. Should the not be spoken or micmicked again.

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An excellent charismatic leader for Germany who nearly brought the nation to prosperity.

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This poll is so offensive it should be removed.

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Nearly brought world order by almost destroying the Jewish and Communist menace.

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General-Z says2014-08-14T21:53:39.3390407-05:00
Sorry for my spelling mistake. Minions should have been "millions." The auto correct on my browser is horrible.
General-Z says2014-08-14T21:55:26.0107839-05:00
Then again, some of his minions were executed...
General-Z says2014-08-14T21:55:36.9029015-05:00
If only I could edit my poll...
Formerland1 says2014-08-15T00:20:17.3819578-05:00
Minions lol
1814Username says2014-08-15T05:09:00.3637433-05:00
The man was a mass murderer who was high all the time. We need to stop with all this nonsense that hints he was some type of great man. He was a madman in a country that was brainwashed.
debate_power says2014-08-15T16:44:08.0021020-05:00
He was an evil person. Easy enough to sum up. Who cares what he did for Germany? Look at the rest of Europe. Heck, look at Germany too.

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