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  • Time and space are both mathematically identical. They're the same thing.

    Posted by: reece
  • My life is limited to a certain amount of time. If you want some of my time it needs to be rewarding either financially or otherwise.

  • If you spend money, you can save time.If you use time smartly, you can earn money

  • The person is a huge factor in that equation. Its only money if you're worth it, if your time is actually worth anything to anyone. Your time could be worthless. Everything is worth what a purchaser will pay for it. The universe doesn't define that worth ... people do.

  • If time is money, everyone with time on their hands should be rich. But people do not necessarily use their time to make money...not every time. Money is a variable, Time is a constant. They are more unequal than equal.

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reece says2015-09-10T19:33:10.6790695Z
Money is time but not all time is money.
Heterodox says2015-09-10T21:31:57.1479517Z
I place a higher priority on the things that money cannot buy. My time is spent enjoying those things.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-11T14:34:42.3809433Z
What would everything be worth if everyone lived forever? Time would still exist as a concept ... Placing monetary values on things would not.
Heterodox says2015-09-12T08:46:28.5959411Z
@FreedomBeforeEquality Depends on what you mean lived forever. Eventually we start to fall apart, if we were alive when that happens that wouldn't be very pleasant. If you mean lived forever and stayed young, that's still a pretty brutal existence because eventually most would eventually get in some horrendous accident that we could not heal from, again I image that would be painful. If you mean we lived forever and had some sort of deadpool healing or something, then would invest heavily in skin synthesis for artificial cosmetic surgery.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T15:21:06.9653125Z
I think i was picturing more on the lines of ... You could still die in accidents or killings or whatnot ... You just wouldnt age normally or anything like that. Expected normal lifetime was much much higher. It wouldnt even have to be immortal per se ... But i think if you increased longevity 10 fold, youd see people devalue their time much much more. Who cares if you spend 70 years working towards retirement if youre gonna live for 400. People might spread it out more ... Work for much much less money and shorter hours. The way it is now everything seems so dire because everything expensive out there that people want costs so much and they have such a short amount of time to get to it and then enjoy it.

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