• Titanfall is better

  • Halo 5 is better

12% 2 votes
88% 14 votes
  • Is this even a question?

  • halo all the way


  • i haven played halo 5 but i think halo 4 was just as good as titanfall so obvously the fith will be better

  • Halo 5 isn't necessarily out yet but after playing the Halo 5 Beta and looking back at Halo 4.. Halo will beat it. I mean Halo has an emense engaging story that has not only past games but novels to enrich it's universe. Halo has great gameplay, campaign and multiplayer with a side of creativity (Forge, Theatre, Filesharing) and from what I can see Halo 5 will be no different. Titanfall is a great gameplay experience but it's all just big mech shoot fest.. granted it's extremely fun and no real engaging story or creativity but Halo has this fun with more.

  • Dude the graphics are OP.Also, the new features are totally sick!

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