To conservatives: Do you think Michael Peroutka is a good candidate for President?

Posted by: muricanman

Michael Peroutka was recently elected as the Anne Arudel county Republican representative. Peroutka emphasizes the Bible and believes that America has a Christian heritage that should be reflected in governance. He opposes abortion without exception. He opposes a Federal Marriage Amendment, believing that civil government (federal/state/local) does not have jurisdiction over marriage.[11] He advocates for free market capitalism. He supports the right to keep and bear arms and strongly opposes the war in Ira

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Yes, he represents true conservative values.

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No, he does not fit the bill of Republican.

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I don't like conservatism.

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donald.keller says2014-11-06T16:09:42.7598148-06:00
No. No one knows him. There are too many candidates already. You will plug up the system, and do to the Republicans what Maness did to Louisiana.

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