To what degree should immigrants be expected to assimilate into their host country?

Posted by: ArthurPenguin

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Linguistic Assimilation

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Immigrants should be expected to adopt the language of their host country (but may preserve the mannerism, culture and religion of their native country) Example: It is common for second-generation immigrants in the West to be familiar with the culture of their native country, but falter at learning their native language.


No Assimilation

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Immigrants should be able to preserve the language, mannerism, culture and religion of their native country. Example: Chinatowns are ethnic enclaves of Chinese and East Asian immigrants common in major cities/towns in North America. In Vancouver's chinatown, it is common for various family-class immigrants to live productivly despite not learning or speaking English and only communicating in their native language



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Please Specify


Cultural Assimilation

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Immigrants should be expected to adopt the mannerism, culture and language of their host country. Example: European immigrants living in North America were often the quickest to assimilate. Often being completely assimilated into North American culture by the third generation. (It is easier for a third generation German immigrant to conform to society then it is for a 5th Generation Indian immigrant.)


Complete Assimilation

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CommunistDog says2015-05-18T18:48:44.9786215-05:00
Four white teenagers killed a Mexican man for not speaking English. While the murderers were put in jail, the parents and the parent's friends supported the killing. (Just want to say that for the reason being, culture should be welcomed and not hated)
MechVarg says2015-05-18T19:42:05.9212587-05:00
Whatever degree they want...
blackkid says2015-05-18T21:25:01.9312373-05:00
This isn't a simple question. If the immigrant moves of their own volition then they should be completely willing to assimilate to the culture. If the immigrant is moving for political reasons or asylum they shouldn't be expected to assimilate anymore than what is necessary to function. There's really no grey area there.
CommunistDog says2015-05-18T21:25:58.4039613-05:00
If you were forced to leave your home because of a long life of poverty or violence, it would be hard to adapt though.

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