Todays Pop Music OR 70, 80, &90 Rock & Roll

Posted by: Southpawsoccer13

I don't know, just for fun.

Poll closed on 7/1/2016 at 12:00AM.
  • Pop

  • Rock & Roll

14% 2 votes
86% 12 votes
  • I think the current pop music is centered around sex and drugs. If you look at the 90's and 80's rock n' roll music, it is centered more around just plain love and traveling. We don't want to inject what the current hits are doing to young minds!

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dietorangesoda says2016-06-14T01:51:04.9020917Z
How bout both
Reigon says2016-06-14T04:52:21.2640563Z
@dietorangesoda No! Hiphop master music genre!!!!!!

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