Transgender bathroom rights

Posted by: DonutQueen

Should they be able to use the restroom they associate with?

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Must be put in an uncomfortable situation by using the wrong bathroom for there gender.
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Let them use male of female bathroom as long as they are comfortable.

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If they were born with a penis, they can use the men's restroom. If they were born with a vagina, they can use the women's restroom. If they were born with both or neither, they can use either.

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Ideally, restrooms should be individual, not gendered. But as it is, people should use the one they are comfortable with.

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Gender neutral bathrooms

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As long as they sit down when they pee.

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If they transitioned, let them use the bathroom according to their gender identity, if they're just dressed as their gender identity, no.

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DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T21:16:43.2393911Z
This "oh I feel like a girl" is like saying I feel like a 70 year old man when I'm really an 18 year old high school student. If we make a trans bathroom law, why don't we make a law that says you can apply for retirement benefits if you feel like you're 70? It's the same logic. Or I can assume I'm 21 and buy alcohol. Shouldn't we base everything off "feelings" if this transgender bathroom law becomes a thing?
TheChristian says2016-09-01T21:30:34.1983880Z
Um, trans is real, some people won't allow their kid to transition. Like my ex boyfriend, he wanted to fully become a He. But his parents won't let him and as a result he is bullied and harassed.
TheChristian says2016-09-01T21:33:51.6825857Z
And David Reimer proved that we have a natural gender that can differ from sex
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T21:41:40.3809881Z
Oh i get it, then I'm really 70 since it is my natural age it it differs from my actual age, so why don't I go and get some retirement benefits, alcohol, and run for president even though I'm 18? But I'm 70! Its my natural age!
TheChristian says2016-09-01T22:20:31.4103305Z
And that's a load of BS. This has science backing it up.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T22:25:21.2908001Z
So assuming is science?
TheChristian says2016-09-01T22:30:56.0695347Z
David reamer was given a sex change at birth. He was originally male. He was turned female. It was revealed that he was bio male after his behavior and mannerisms were more masculine than feminine. It's not an assumption. It's proven fact. Gender and sex are independent.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T22:33:34.6289511Z
But does he have the female sex organs? Does he have the characteristics of a female? Does he have higher levels of estrogen then testosterone? If someone is born female they're female, same as for male
TheChristian says2016-09-01T22:39:01.7942483Z
He had no feminine characteristics. He was raised female, and was Male. Tostesterone doesn't affect traits at a young age
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T22:42:04.9517009Z
Therefore, he's not female!
TheChristian says2016-09-01T22:45:16.0562474Z
But, he was raised one. And yet he turned out male. And reverted to his former gender. He killed himself as a result of the depression that took over his life as a female. He knew he was male from age 6. Before hormonnes could affect his mind
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-01T22:46:50.6867957Z
So what is your point bringing him up?
Heterodox says2016-09-01T22:57:14.3087882Z
@TheChristian, The story you told, about a guy born a man but being mutilated at birth and then being raised as a woman and growing up to realize he is a man that has been mutilated, says that genders are tied to sex (essentially the opposite of what you are trying to use the story to say).
TheChristian says2016-09-01T23:15:46.2981722Z
But he knew he was male before it was revealed. So, biological sex has a questionable link to gender, if one at all.
FactsVsFeelings says2016-09-01T23:54:47.8817897Z
Christ quit being such a bitch. It's a fucking bathroom. Use the one with genitals you have.
Heterodox says2016-09-02T00:43:52.1354630Z
@TheChristian, Are you even thinking about this? He was born a man, mutilated, raised as a woman, but thought he was a man. How do you not see the link between him being born a man and him thinking he is a man?
TheChristian says2016-09-02T00:48:26.6350997Z
Because he had no frame of reference. At the very least, it calls the gender-sex correlation into question
Heterodox says2016-09-02T00:52:23.1200474Z
@TheChristian, He doesn't need to know, it's biological. What's called into question is "nurture" being stronger than "nature" the opposite of your argument.
justsayinalot says2016-09-02T02:51:44.9198472Z
@TheChristian I think this source definitely supports the biological basis of both transgender people and cisgender people by discussing the effects of chromosomes versus hormones exposed as fetuses. It also mentions a study looking at 14 biological males with a similar situation to David Reimer; despite all being raised as female, some of them identified as female, some as male, most were unsure. Http://www.Apa.Org/monitor/apr04/gender.Aspx
deacc says2016-09-02T11:44:35.5906463Z
Being a tomboy doesn't make you a male. I don't question some feels like a male and want to be a male. But that doesn't make you a male. Your genetics do.
justsayinalot says2016-09-03T05:23:48.6667088Z
@deacc You are right. You are biologically born with a sex. But I think you misunderstand. It's not whether the person is male (sex) but a man (gender).
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-08T01:45:18.1684181Z
That literally makes no sense. Male means man. Man means male. Same concept as woman and female. That is like saying a pear was grown a pear, but then calling it a vegetable.
SegBeg says2016-09-08T15:17:20.9713978Z
I don't support transgender rights (unless they're like basic human rights such as being able to get a job without discrimination) But if you "feel" like a woman or man and want to transition, then fine. You have the right to do so. However, I just don't support transgender bathroom rights. Many people- even those who support transgender rights can feel uncomfortable with a trans in their bathroom. Other's are okay with it and I get that. If anything, they should use a gender neutral or disabled bathroom if the place has one or places could provide transgender bathrooms. However if a majority of the people in that place are comfortable with your presence in their bathroom, that's their concern.
Heterodox says2016-09-09T04:17:49.6874120Z
@SegBeg, Being able to get a job because you weren't discriminated against, isn't a right. Now, in the US, the law makes discriminating based on certain things illegal (in the hiring of employees or even the servicing of customers). However, I would argue that being able to discriminate, for any reason, who you hire at your own business is a natural human right. And that any laws to the contrary are oppressive; even if they were made with "good" intentions.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T23:10:25.2149360Z
No matter how many surgeries anyone can have, they can never fully "change genders" Women will never have testicles, and guys will never have boobs and/or a uterus. Don't be immature about what I just said, it's logic and common sense. If you are confused about your gender, talk to someone and get help. Don't try to "Change" your gender just because your mind thinks it's the opposite. Respect yourself and stay the gender you were born in.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-03T23:12:18.4248617Z
Also, my state just passed a law allowing tans people to use opposite bathrooms, God help us all. And I mean it. This whole transgender thing is getting way out of hand. Fellow believers, please pray for this country.

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