Trotsky vs Stalin

Posted by: make_war_not_peace

Who do you think was a better leader?

Poll closed on 11/14/2016 at 12:30PM.
  • Leon Trotsky

  • Joseph Stalin

70% 7 votes
30% 3 votes
  • Leon Trotsky without a doubt. Stalin was a paranoid, and incredibly idiotic leader. The only thing I can credit him for is defeating the Nazis.

    Posted by: DocMan
  • Stalin was a paranoid blood thirsty mass murderer whose evil was only rivaled by Hitler. Trotsky, though his interpretation of socialism was too statist and authoritarian for my taste, would have been an infinitely better leader.

    Posted by: SPF
  • Trotsky is far better than Stalin could ever be, he would never have ordered the mass killings that Stalin did and would've kept the Soviet Union Communist instead of Totalitarian!

  • Trotsky was a key figure in the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia, second only to Vladimir Lenin in the early stages of Soviet communist rule. But he lost out to Joseph Stalin in the power struggle that followed Lenin's death, and was assassinated while in exile.

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    Throwback says2016-08-24T01:43:45.5786749Z
    ROFL. When given a choice between having my head sawed off my a muslim or having my brains pulled out my nose, I make the same choice.
    bballcrook21 says2016-08-24T01:51:08.7346446Z
    Both were terrible
    bballcrook21 says2016-08-24T01:51:30.5747846Z
    Both were terrible

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