Trump (apparently) wants to amend the constitution. Do you agree.

Posted by: TBR

Trump immigration plan: includes no more birthright citizenship for babies born in USA. Insane enough yet?

  • Yes - Enough allready

  • No - Its never crazy enough

38% 3 votes
62% 5 votes
  • hell yeah. Not for him though. Honestly, why should never change it? Things change, and laws should to

    Posted by: basils
  • Even though I'm not American so it doesn't affect me, editing the constitution, which is your most known legal document, seems stupid- NZ would not do too well if our government edited the Waitangi treaty, I can't see editing the constitution being good.

  • Since the natural-born citizen clause is such a serious business in the US, things would only get worse if the government removed one of the ways to be eligible for it. For one thing, it favors discrimination against legal immigrants, without doing anything to solve the issue of illegal immigrants.

  • He can propose an amendment, but he doesn't have the authority to do so. Only congress can. It's a good idea in my opinion, but it's up to congress.

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imabench says2015-08-18T15:09:54.9009573Z
Its funny how the GOP is so critical of any Dem president of doing they find unconstitutional, yet half of them would like to amend it themselves in one way or another....
FrozenLichBox says2015-08-18T15:20:51.5777301Z
I'm withholding my vote for now, as I have no clue what Trump plans to do in place of this law. Yes, I disagree with the law itself, but the potential for abuse on both sides is enormous, and Trump doesn't exactly have a record for honesty.
TBR says2015-08-18T17:38:27.9747374Z
@FrozenLichBox - We are not talking about a law, we are talking about Trump changing part of the 14 amendment. He wants to deny birth right citizenship. The only way to accomplish that would be to change the constitution.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-08-20T09:28:08.0475505Z
Your poll is wrong. The 14th Amendment specifically states "[...] and subject to the jurisdiction thereof [...]". This second variable, which EVERYONE fails to read and understand means that anchor babies are not legal citizens and should not be treated as such. It's sad when a business man like Trump is more knowledgeable of the Constitution than all those lawyers over there in D.C., especially that obviously fake Constitutional Lawyer of a President...Obama. LOL Obama got trolled by Trump
TBR says2015-08-20T16:30:28.9889281Z
@MakeSensePeopleDont - I read a a bit on this lousy defense. It is as transparent as Trump himself. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.". The part "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" is, by this defense, twisted to mean that the "non-citizen" baby is not a subject of the state it was born in. Its a twist of logic to make this work.

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