Trump need to go?

Posted by: Nd2400

First his foreign affair policy, now he think being in the kkk and being a neo-natzi is fine.

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No he doing great, he leading this country perfectly.

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He need to go before he totally ruin this county.

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Swagnarok says2017-08-15T22:36:07.6961864Z
Trump did condemn the KKK and the Neo-Nazis, in no uncertain terms, but acknowledging also the violence caused by the far-left Antifa was absolutely the right call.
Nd2400 says2017-08-15T22:46:23.8884862Z
First of all the violence didn't happen until this crazy guy hitting people with his car. The other problem with trump he not unity this country. He is in facts says it's ok to protest if you are in the kkk and neo nazis. So he in fact saying its ok. That's a problem.
Swagnarok says2017-08-15T22:51:08.5141352Z
"First of all the violence didn't happen until this crazy guy hitting people with his car." This statement affirms that you have no idea what you're talking about.
Nd2400 says2017-08-15T23:04:49.3966592Z
So you think it's ok to have the kkk and neo nazis. They not at all wrong? You think trump is doing a fine job on handing this issue?
Chris2021 says2017-08-18T03:28:23.1636939Z
It's ok because it's free speech. Hate speech is protected by the first amendment. Trump does not like the KKK, but he can not stop them from speaking.
Nd2400 says2017-08-18T06:13:25.3438433Z
No trump can't stop them, but it doesn't make it right to have those hate group protesting hate, violences. Let's face it the kkk and neo nazis was ready for a fight with their guns, bats, and shields, the far-left Antifa was ready too, but only for a peaceful way. Plus do you think it be ok if ISIS had a protest here in the States? And dont say the kkk and neo nazis havent killed anyone, to try to make a argument, because they had killed. Oh yea do you think the MS-13 should have protest?
CapitalistK says2017-08-27T13:00:40.1761714Z
He hadn't done anything wrong, his comments on Charlottesville were perfectly good.
Nd2400 says2017-08-27T13:54:54.7613596Z
1st of all his comments came after a couple of days. The other problem is his foreign affair policy, like a up coming trade war with china, which isn't good for neither country. Oh yea, he should also be wise by nor attacking the north 1st.
Nd2400 says2017-08-31T03:30:46.6427435Z
WOW, just thinking why is there so many trump supporter still. This economy was already doing good before trump took office. It because it still under obama policy still. Any new President policy dont actually take place until a year. So tell me how economy look next year at this time. Then we can see if he actually doing a great job or not. You can't judge trump with the economy right now, if the company's already had plans to hire way before he took office. Second if he going to have a trade war with china you can say bye bye to the economy, if you look around the Chinese product is everywhere, so it will truly hurt the economy. Then we have the tax plan which he hasnt look at yet. Plus having the US pay for the wall is stupid, and a other broken promise. We havent even talk about what he will do with north korea, because any thing military will be stupid. Unless the north strike 1st, but they wont. So trump has a up hill climb if he want to be somewhat good at President. You know what trump is doing with the impending trade war with China? I mean come on people wake up!!!!! Can't you see what is happening in this world. The impending trade war between the US and China will not be good for us nor China. "A trade war between US and China will hurt not only Chinese manufacturers, but also upstream suppliers and downstream distributors such as US retailers". " If China retaliates, the price of American goods will go up, and markets that were once open to us may start to close." Economy will always play a big part between having wars or not having wars. Trump is intent on having a trade war with China, and this will have dire consequences for both country. Oh the 1 million jobs, he created was still under the obama policy. You need to understand the market had plans to hire even before trump take office. It take just over a year for a new President policy to take affect for the job market. So if he really doing a good job, then lets wait until January or next year at this time to see if he actually doing a good job. Oh yea if he does his thing with trade and china, then it going to be a trade war with them and that will bring the markets down. Not to mention he might fire the 1st strike with north korea. People should be worry, if Trump go this path..

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