• Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton

59% 41 votes
41% 29 votes
  • Because Clinton is dishonest, unethical, unscrupulous, unlikable and has a cackle voice

  • Is this even a question? Look at this adys record, she pimped out the whole nation in 1996, china gate scandal, that alone should have gotten her locked up in guantanamo to rot for the res of eternity.

  • Think about this, last night Clinton called Trump sexist, racist, and crazy. He called her Secretary Clinton.

  • Clinton is a lying criminal.

  • Hillary is a criminal. She's been in office and saying she'll do things for America for over 28 years and has done nothing. What's she gonna do as president?


  • I would prefer neither, but if I were to choose, I'd pick Trump. The world is in a dire situation, and Clinton is glad to continue the way Obama has handled the last eight years if she is elected. ISIS is expanding all the time, and we need to act quickly. Donald Trump is going to apply force, and he is certainly the last person who is going to appease this group. Also, the United States is becoming too politically correct. It has been proven over and over again, from colleges to campuses to streets to protests. Clinton is NEVER going to criminalize Black Lives Matter, although this group has committed A LOT of crimes in the past few months. The reason being? The cancer in the form of political correctness spreading all over America. The black crime will inevitably rise, and of course Clinton is not going to stop them. Care about the CASE, not the RACE.

  • Donald Trump not part of the rigged establishment as Hillary Clinton. He has no interest in removing regimes and instigation World War 111. The quality of life on his agenda having jobs and good trade deals disposing what does not work for America.

  • Because Muslims are disgusting!

  • Better policies, not a politician, and is not as closely as corrupt as Clinton. He will actually get things done in office

  • Clinton is a liar, her husband is a rapist, and she gets money for her organization through bad means... what more do i have to say.

  • In the debate Sept 26th there's no question trump got thumped. Expecting a bump for Gary Johnson this week and FoxNews now has Clinton leading by 6%

  • donald trump isnt fit to be president, he blames everything on other countries and isnt responsible for his actions.

  • Not only does Trump plan on stopping foreigners from entering,he also plans on deporting those already in his country which are foreign.Not only that,but he has a avoided federal income tax for years and I just disagree with his morality

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face1995 says2016-09-27T22:07:12.8483785Z
Jill Stein is the best choice. I don't want any fascist or corrupt oligarch as president.
n7 says2016-09-27T22:08:17.3442811Z
They both need a good gulaging
BrendanD19 says2016-09-28T01:30:29.3676949Z
Jill Stein
User.name says2016-09-28T02:20:56.9927601Z
I'm cool with anybody but Clinton. End of story
Hanspete says2016-09-28T16:55:10.5728785Z
I am choking by saying Clinton is better, but you know fvck this election
DavidMancke says2016-09-28T21:57:56.3304499Z
So far looks like more people of the voting age are pro Clinton. Thank the good Lord!
benhos says2016-09-28T22:06:00.2187024Z
Neither! I'll commit suicide 4 different ways before I live under either of their leadership. Thank nonexistent baby Jesus for dual citizenship.
Jenae.ross says2016-10-11T17:22:09.2867311Z
Out of 319 million people, this is what we come up with? Good job America. If Clinton becomes president, I'm gonna die. Besides, Trump is a pervert, and Clinton is a criminal. Why are they our options as our LEADER of this COUNTRY.... Just thought I'd point that out.....
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-13T16:50:46.2372152Z
Harambe Fur President

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