Trump or Hillary

Posted by: sadolite

Since the lame stream worthless media won't even give Trump as a choice, who would you vote for if the election was today and these are the candidates to choose from

  • Trump

  • Hillary

56% 24 votes
44% 19 votes
  • No brainer

  • No contest.

  • Trump has higher morals and is more able to lead our country. And he didn't insult Mexicans. He called that most illegal aliens are from Mexico, and have a higher crime rate than the rest of the population. Technically and legally all illegal immigrants are criminals. They ILLEGALLY immigrated and ILLEGALLY crossed our borders, breaking international customs laws of the US, and are called ILLEGAL aliens or immigrants for a reason. Many are good people, but they are still criminals.

  • Trump makes a convincing argument and has the intelligence, success, and overall merits required for running the country's executive branch. However, Hillary Clinton is a woman... so.. I guess it's tied.

  • Obvious...

  • I sincerely hope that this choice remains purely hypothetical, and that we don't have to pick between the two in the general election. But, if we did, I would go Trump, because he's slightly less terrible.

  • How is this even debatable?

  • The lesser of 2 evils

  • Trump 2016!

    Posted by: pfunk
  • he reads his mind he is not racist hes a good person he will be the best president ever make america great again

  • First of all, Trump would not make a good leader, judging by the comments he made. Secondly, I would like to see a woman to be able to have this oppurtunity

  • Youd have to be suffering from a debilitating brain-eating virus to believe that Trump is a better option than Hillary

  • Trump is just insane...

  • first of all, just to let you all know, Donald trump insulted Mexicans and he said if his daughter wasn't his, he would have married her. plus , he looks like the kind of person that would start the purge to be honest

  • I don't like either, but the people voting for Trump clearly don't understand his policies nor his outlandish beliefs.

  • I am not a huge Hillary fan, but the simple fact that Trump believes that Mexican immigrants are rapists shows that he is incapable of leading America.

  • Trump is a joke. The best he could do is whine about war and then bribe people into not having a war.

  • Hillary isn't perfect, I get that. But really, even when we had dozens of people it was a crapsack election to begin with, and now there are exactly three people who have a chance: Trump, Cruz and Clinton. And if Clinton's like her husband, she might not have perfect morals, but she gets stuff done

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andrew725 says2015-07-27T23:07:41.0037296-05:00
How about neither?
sadolite says2015-07-28T16:01:36.0303103-05:00
Jet engines are a bad idea if you consider the source that invented it oh ya and rockets too.
Plexon_Warrior says2015-07-28T16:15:10.2931299-05:00
Insulting people who do not view this with your same opinion is not an argument and does not justify your choice. So if anyone from Team Hillary has a good legit argument contact me and we debate each aspect.
sadolite says2015-07-28T20:05:31.0244949-05:00
It's unbelievable how many people blatantly and knowingly take what Trump said about illegal immigrants out of context. It goes from illegal immigrants mostly from Mexico to all Mexicans in America and Mexico and the entire world. You people are shameless no wonder Hillary s your choice. Two peas in a pod
PericIes says2015-07-29T02:31:24.9281381-05:00
@LSH-Debate You're supposed to vote based on how good a leader someone would be, not off of which gender, race, or any other irrelevant quality you want to see in the white house. Unfortunately, though, there are many others like you.
evielovesrocknroll says2015-07-29T12:56:55.9978549Z
sadolite says2015-07-29T15:57:58.2193345-05:00
"Trump believes that Mexican immigrants are rapists" Lets test your intellectual honesty. Is that what he really said? Now is your chance to amend your accusation and prove you are not intellectually dishonest by putting what he said into proper context.
Texas14 says2015-07-29T17:57:58.3540561-05:00
sadolite says2015-07-30T00:56:33.8553703Z
Some people either don't get how polls work or a saying they wont vote
TBR says2015-07-30T00:58:59.9347067Z
Well, it is a very unlikely matchup. Is this choice would come to pass, I would bet a good number of republicans just stay home.
sadolite says2015-07-30T02:19:44.5975543Z
I am predicting landslide Donald trump
TBR says2015-07-30T02:29:13.3694659Z
You really think he will win the GENERAL? Ok, got to get my composure back. You should take my bug eating bet in the forums. I have him dropping out of primaries before super Tuesday
imabench says2015-07-30T02:35:40.4507067Z
Lol please, Trump literally has the worst matchup odds against Hillary if they were the final two take a step back into reality.
sadolite says2015-07-30T22:56:36.4185117Z
Trump is the only candidate that will not let the opposition set the narrative. The Dems win at everything even when they lose because they set the narrative and are always on offense. The current Republican leadership is screaming and blatant evidence of that. When you are defending your positions you are losing and will lose. All the other Republican candidates will immediately fold under the fear of being perceived as politically incorrect and instantly let the Dems set the narrative and thus lose. Even when Republicans win they are losers because they are terrified of being perceived as politically incorrect. When was the last time any kind of conservative message was the narrative. The 80's ? The Dems win if any other candidate other than Trump gets the white house. The Dems will eviscerate all but Trump. The Dems know how to fight and for that I must concede. But none the less in my opinion Democratic policies are horrendous failures and are killing this nation. It will be just more of the same if Trump isn't elected.
sadolite says2015-08-01T13:13:32.6360196Z
"Lol please, Trump literally has the worst matchup odds against Hillary if they were the final two take a step back into reality." Your statement doesn't hold much water in this poll
imabench says2015-08-01T21:30:48.0439183Z
I posted an actual link showing multiple polls where trump does in fact have the worst election odds against Hillary, which blasts your crazy claim that trump will win by a landslide clear out of the water. In fact my statement is the ONLY thing that holds water in here since everything you have said so far has just been based on your own warped beliefs, rather then anything factual.
sadolite says2015-08-02T11:59:13.6805661Z
I am gonna go out on a limb here and say your polls are about as worthless as this poll
imabench says2015-08-02T17:25:38.2865520Z
Thats because you instinctively reject anything that doesnt fit into your own beliefs ;)
sadolite says2015-08-02T17:38:39.3965613Z
Ok then Donald trump will lose, but any who here is a video from 25 years ago
TBR says2015-08-02T17:47:02.7831859Z
@sadolite - What is that video mean to you? What do you think it illustrates?
imabench says2015-08-02T17:54:18.2270116Z
Any idiot can figure out that a country cannot keep operating on a budget deficit of 200 billion a year, that doesnt somehow make Trump a genius or justify the asinine belief that he should be president.
sadolite says2015-08-02T18:02:32.8923481Z
What do you think it illustrates? It illustrates things have gotten so bad that someone with a spine needs to step up.
sadolite says2015-08-02T18:06:21.8061943Z
"Any idiot" Is this kind of intellect just hard wired into you? I am starting to wonder if the word syndrome doesn't start to appear after your last name.
imabench says2015-08-06T00:00:08.2719933Z
No its not hard wired, its just that what you mistake for 'genius' in this case is what the rest of us already know is common sense.... Though it makes sense that you would have difficulty detecting common sense
sadolite says2015-08-06T00:27:27.3227940Z
Mistake for genius? Oh no I don't think Donald Trump is a genius, not in the least. He has balls, he has leadership qualities. He doesn't take crap. He doesn't cower to your PC BS. The days of marginalizing people because they don't bow to PC BS is over. Gonna have to make up a new play book, because oh ya well your a poopy head isn't gonna work anymore
imabench says2015-08-06T00:42:16.9078024Z
Lol, my 'playbook' is using facts to show why you and Trump are delusional, your playbook begins and ends with sticking your fingers in your ears and not being man enough to hear criticism, which is all you have ever done on here
TBR says2015-08-06T19:31:32.2120958Z
@imabench - The problem with the GOP base is, they don't honestly care about the "others" anymore, while at the same time screaming that is a Democratic trait. There is more to the electorate than white christian males, but the only way they think is "we are accepting - be you white Christian male, or male white Christian. We are even OK with Christian white males"
sadolite says2015-08-06T21:15:23.3238408Z
White Christian males LOL
dozzy4202 says2016-01-06T15:59:39.6141310Z
Trump can suck his own clock and die because he ant no balla yo he is a fuking dope as bitchh ya flowin
dozzy4202 says2016-01-06T16:00:33.6840776Z
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