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Bernie Sanders

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Donald Trump

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Anonymous says2016-02-26T18:44:46.8269995Z
This question is like asking whether you want to die by guillotine or by firing squad. THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER.
Debate_against_me says2016-02-26T20:19:05.7632745Z
Idk about either one. It's either no rules or funding for schools
Black-Jesus says2016-02-26T21:36:57.4065125Z
How many times have we had this exact poll, do you think?
spiderek1 says2016-02-29T16:37:40.0952558Z
Both are idiots and maniacs. Honestly, if you go through all that stress and scrutiny and cruelty in running for president, you must be a maniac.
mwilliams1014 says2016-03-17T16:16:16.3770552Z
Why are you people voting for a socialist!?!?!?! We live in a republic, it was founded a republic. If you believe socialism works look at Denmark, Norway, and Greece. Greece went bankrupt and Denmark has the one of the highest debt rates in the world. You can't run this country on socialism (welfare).
mwilliams1014 says2016-03-17T16:17:30.5744223Z
Socialism doesn't work...Welfare doesn't work...If you think it does research Greece and Denmark.
Conspiracyrisk says2016-03-24T12:35:55.1550601Z
You can't just point to two socialist countries that have some financial problems and say that socialism doesn't work. Denmark and Greece are far from the only socialist countries in the world. Besides, there isn't a single country that doesn't have some sort of financial problems. In any case, Denmark's debt isn't as big of a problem as you might think.
mwilliams1014 says2016-04-14T21:25:16.6380003Z
I can't use Denmark and Greece...Ok...How about Vietnam and Cuba, they're great countries right? Give me a break it doesn't work. The only reason it works in China is because they get away with paying their workers like crap and they rip off countries like us to make huge profits. Research...Don't just assume.
Conspiracyrisk says2016-04-15T12:28:23.5030729Z
Vietnam and Cuba are communist countries. Communism =/= Socialism. I don't understand why everyone has such a hard time understanding this.
mwilliams1014 says2016-04-15T14:27:07.1483370Z
Look it up, as of now cuba is socialist. They have intent to build a communist nation but as of now they are socialist. Vietnam is mainly communist but their economy is run on a socialist ideology.
tylerthedebatemaster says2016-04-28T16:57:46.1865283Z
Excuse me but saying "look it up" seems a little childish considering not everything on the internet is 100% true. Plus cuba is communist
jorgedav001 says2016-04-30T20:21:35.4807202Z
Communism is the goal of socialism
DaltonDeter says2016-06-28T18:40:39.5395005Z
I hate both of them but sanders will get this country killed
Thatguyuknow2546 says2016-10-26T14:27:49.5922985Z
Third party vote!!!!!!

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