Trump supporters: Is there anything he can say that would make you stop supporting him?

Posted by: Texas14

Trump has said crazy and offensive shit and his poll numbers have only gone up. To his supporters: Is there any line? Comments would be great.

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TBR says2015-08-07T17:20:10.1672997Z
This is getting sad. Its like watching a Palin run. If you guys keep going this way, don't cry on election day when President Clinton puts her hand on the bible.
imabench says2015-08-07T18:10:33.0610771Z
^ yup
Kreakin says2015-08-07T20:19:36.7011155Z
Casually watching from the UK, is this Trump thing just a joke??
Teaparty1 says2015-08-07T20:26:22.0385138Z
Kreakin is that a serious question?
triangle.128k says2015-08-07T20:41:20.8186371Z
@Kreakin Nope, Trump is a cancer to the Republican Party
Texas14 says2015-08-07T21:28:21.1295159Z
He's absolutely a cancer to the party not just in this election but in future elections. He has painted the party in a worse light than it was.
TBR says2015-08-07T21:50:59.7734251Z
The image the GOP gives to the world. Trump™, Palin, Schwarzenegger. The GOP has the gall to say Obama has made us look bad...
PericIes says2015-08-08T04:43:37.7375498Z
I would just like to point out that the person who voted that they refused to even consider changing their mind on such a farce as Donald Trump's candidacy is called MrFreeThinker. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
TBR says2015-08-08T22:53:18.7503284Z
@PericIes - I was going to make the same point.

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