Trump vs Clinton

Posted by: EthanLloyd

Who do you think is better? The "tell it like it is" kinda guy, or the deceiving liar?

  • Donald Trump - Republican Party

  • Hillary Clinton - Democratic Party

53% 35 votes
47% 31 votes
  • Trump says it like it is. The world needs to wake up.

  • Anything is better than Hillary.

  • He is not racist like everyone think he is. They are just a bunch of whiny libtards who think they know everything. I will DEFINITELY vote for trump over any other candidate.

  • Donald Trump is the better choice. His racism and sexism accusations have been debunked, while Hillary is for open borders and a no fly zone in Syria. I am glad he won

  • Better candidate overall. Trump's awful

  • Both are pretty bad, but Hillary's the lesser evil.

  • i hate trump

  • I'm not too big a fan of Hillary, but she's definitely way better than Trump.

    Posted by: benhos
  • Hillary is more qualified than any other candidate on the ballot. Trump is unpredictable, rasict, sexist, and completely insane. Although I am a Democrat, I would hate to see the Republican Party completely fall apart at the hands of a man who just ran Republican because he thought he would get the most votes out of the stupidest voters. (That's a legit quote from Donald Trump, not me.)

    Posted by: hgl
  • Do we need someone that says things as soon as they pop into his mind? Trump would be awful for president because he is too impulsive to act diplomatically and therefore cannot strike political deals.

  • Better of the worse

    Posted by: Rohan1
  • I hate all the US presidential candidates. However, out of all of them, I think Hillary Clinton will be best at doing the job and being a good president. Also, it's about time a woman was president of the most powerful country in the world!

  • Donald Trump doesn't really tell it like it is; he's just politically incorrect. While both are dishonest to one degree or another, Trump is far worse as a candidate.

  • She uses a peaceful way of dealing with things, Trump will just rampage all over the place. She also has no bias against any race, while Trump extorted a Muslim ban, proving he shows bias against Muslims. Face it, Hillary Clinton is better.

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red_x says2016-03-14T18:41:05.8837531Z
Sounds like you have chosen EthanLloyd
ladiesman says2016-03-14T21:20:47.5284916Z
I said this before, but although neither Trump nor Clinton are my ideal leaders, I would pick the lesser of two evils: Clinton. Trump has no idea how to run a country; in the business world you can tell someone to do something and they'll do it. But democracy doesn't work like that!
BrendanD19 says2016-03-14T22:34:06.8034919Z
How about Jill Stein? #JillNotHill
Thescarecrow066 says2016-03-14T22:59:08.4824347Z
Donald Trump states things that he can do... But he doesn't say how or when he is going to do it. Publicity wise Donald Trump is nothing but a old hack, He has no idea how to run a country, he has no idea how to act for a country, and he absolutely has no idea of the outcomes of doing this. He says things that are EXTREMELY offensive and should be condemned, but instead people support his way of bringing things already known into the light? So what he is doing is he is setting a burning building on fire, We already know of your "Claims" which half of them are not true, what Donald Trump does is he judges a group by some acts there people, not there whole people but a little ounce, and makes it sounds like its what they all do for a living, Muslims are terrorist apparently, Mexicans take up our jobs (If you complain about this make yourself a better candidate), Mexicans are rapist! Basically Donald Trump lives in a world where he can do what ever he wants because he has the money, Well guess what, you can't throw money at a fire and expect it to go away..
BrendanD19 says2016-03-14T23:07:37.8279830Z
I'll chose Jill Stein
Veles says2016-03-15T00:55:20.7261568Z
Clinton did a terrible job with secretary of state what makes you all think she would be a better president than Trump? Do I also really have to mention all of the crimes she has done? I mean really? Come on people wake the hell up!
Anonymous says2016-03-17T12:01:47.9663814Z
I shall put it plainly to you, @Veles . Donald Trump is a misogynistic, racist, hog washed, pig and must never be President of a state let alone a respected office.
Texas14 says2016-03-17T23:53:47.4178818Z
@The-Holy-Macrel, he doesn't tell it like it is. He tells it like his racist and idiot base wants it to be. Politifact rates 76% of his statements as varying degrees of false.
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-03-19T21:45:53.7785447Z
itzqueenmaggie says2016-03-21T14:26:24.2090875Z
I love Trump. America needs to change. Trump is just telling the truth! Hillary is two faced and a liar! People just want her to win because they want a woman to be a president for once! Trump is actually winning you know! Hillary won 17 states and Trump won 19 states! So in your face! Trump knows how to handle america, Clinton is an evil grandma!
Liveena says2016-03-22T16:05:34.1891418Z
Donald Trump is a foolish, ignorant imbecile who would not do a proper if even satisfactory job in being America's president. Trump is both a sexist and a racist, having mocked a disabled reported in the eye of the public. Some people have even suspected that Trump started running as a joke, and the things he say certainly support that theory (despite it's probable inaccuracy). If anybody deserves to be kicked out of America, with a boot with spikes on it, it would definitely be Trump.
LzrdWzrd says2016-04-19T21:31:05.8047380Z
Howbout neither
Alec_W_Rhodes says2016-04-30T03:00:10.0024238Z
Both suck ass. But Hillary sucks ass just a little ass.
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T01:02:12.6146501Z
Gary Johnson 2016!
crazykid333 says2016-06-09T03:07:56.3932253Z
I don't get why people think trump is racist. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT A RACE YOU IDIOTS. Get that in your thick tiny skull.
crazykid333 says2016-06-09T03:08:19.9028774Z
I don't get why people think trump is racist. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT A RACE YOU IDIOTS. Get that in your thick skull.
icycream82 says2017-01-13T16:43:47.5332369Z
Hillary is way betterthan trump because trump =bad dude.I wish he could STFUF

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