Trump will win the Presidency in a landslide election.

Posted by: sadolite

Just like it says

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briantheliberal says2016-01-02T00:28:48.9697281Z
If he does, it wouldn't surprise me. Stupidity and dedication usually go hand in hand.
TBR says2016-01-02T01:32:13.3680882Z
It's one thing to be diluted enough to think he will be nominated, quite another to think he will win a general, and lunacy to think it would be a landslide.
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T01:37:03.8456742Z
TBR, you can't tell his supporters that. They live in a bubble of delusion where they think Trump is a god given savior destined to "Make America Great Again".
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T01:43:36.7860306Z
I'm pretty sure Clinton is going to win sadly...
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T01:45:21.3080406Z
Tajshar2k, better her than Trump. But yes it is sad that is what we have to look forward to.
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T01:47:14.4102156Z
This election honestly had such shitty candidates. Sanders is the best out of them, but he's a bit too far left and too radical. Wait, I didn't you support her?
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T01:50:45.0610665Z
I don't support her. I actually support Sanders to an extent. However, I do believe that we are better off with Clinton than anyone on the Republican side. I pretty much believe Sanders >>> Clinton > Republicans. If it comes down to Clinton vs. Trump, I'm going with Clinton.
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T01:52:10.0359006Z
Same here
TBR says2016-01-02T01:55:29.1300235Z
Clinton will be an adequate president, unlike any of the republican field). Sanders is such a long shot, but he would be wonderful. Truth is, Clinton will win the primaries unless something very dramatic happens. On the republican side, expect Cruz, Rubio or Tump/Christy in that order.
TBR says2016-01-02T01:56:23.6811783Z
When this Trump balloon pops, Cruz will get his supporters.
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T01:59:21.6962016Z
Ted Cruz wants to bring back the Gold Standard...
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T02:00:12.2879745Z
I don't think Clinton would be a bad president, it's just she has too much baggage. There is a prevalence of perception control among the general public that makes it harder to support her without people using it against you. Sanders' views are much more progressive but he is so far behind Clinton so that gives him a disadvantage.
triangle.128k says2016-01-02T03:25:49.1547585Z
John Kasich and Rand Paul aren't too bad on the Republican side, i'd rather have one of them over Sanders.
triangle.128k says2016-01-02T03:28:07.6542219Z
Sanders has a point on some things, but he's far too radical and opinionated in some aspects. He's certainly better than Clinton though.
stargate says2016-01-02T03:29:34.2502366Z
I want either Jeb bush, or ted cruz, or marco rubio.
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T03:30:56.4617096Z
Of all the Republicans, Paul is the best buuuut that is not saying much. That's like saying he is the shit that stinks the least.
triangle.128k says2016-01-02T03:32:50.8620681Z
@briantheliberal Anybody in the Republican party is automatically disqualified according to you...
stargate says2016-01-02T03:34:35.5244808Z
So we know who is far far far left here....Brian
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T03:35:55.6677916Z
No, but I would appreciate if you stop making assumptions and exaggerations about what I stand for. If the Republicans weren't bigoted, loud mouthed, incompetent, selfish fools I would be happy to consider them.
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T03:38:45.6287021Z
In fact, none of you even know what I believe in. You just assume you know what I believe in. Many of my views are not as far left as you would like to think if you ever bothered to ask about them.
stargate says2016-01-02T03:42:30.3764614Z
It doesn't matter sense the fact is I know you will not support any major republican so that makes you far left all ready. Sure some of your issues might say other wise, but I can see that you hate the republicans and think all of us the same. You are not moderate, you are not slightly left.
stargate says2016-01-02T03:44:39.1848357Z
You to assume a lot about republicans why can I not do the same?
stargate says2016-01-02T03:48:47.4724641Z
Okay maybe not completely left but you still lean left if you think all republicans suck and it should be a democract.
briantheliberal says2016-01-02T04:07:08.4992678Z
"You to assume a lot about republicans why can I not do the same?" - Because I don't. I criticize what Republicans already say, do, and stand for. I criticize your standard Republican views but I do not assume to know anything about a person because they call themselves Republican. That's the difference. Don't label me I won't label you. I don't care if you consider me far left but don't put words in my mouth.
stargate says2016-01-02T04:45:08.6552875Z
Fiar enough.
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T05:21:23.0209870Z
I'd prefer Paul over Clinton
TBR says2016-01-02T05:29:05.3688094Z
I would not choose Paul over Clinton, but I could live with Paul.
tajshar2k says2016-01-02T05:30:23.3391234Z
Paul doesn't seem like a crook or a liar to me, also America could use a libertarian, just for a change.
greatkitteh says2016-01-02T11:13:33.0674575Z
Yeah, Clinton honestly has too much scandals and conspiraies aroud her. (Bengazi, Sez scandal, Email, Body count, white water , foundation favors , debt] Rand Paul is just fine too me, A little weak but far better than Trump.
stargate says2016-01-02T13:55:57.1931531Z
Why not Marco Rubio?
sadolite says2016-01-06T03:13:55.6135385Z
Trumps gonna win na na nanny goat
sadolite says2016-01-11T22:10:42.8950710Z
The land slide is coming!!!!
TBR says2016-01-12T20:46:00.0689952Z
Sadolite, you are going to be so disappointed
sadolite says2016-01-12T22:15:19.0309473Z
Na don't think so
reece says2016-01-13T00:14:24.0517798Z
@sadolite You think wrong.
sadolite says2016-01-13T03:14:43.9589044Z
Maybe its you who thinks wrong
TBR says2016-01-13T03:20:11.6757406Z
@sadolite - I don't know why you are unwilling to take any of my bets on Trump. Since this is on the general, and a "landslide" I will give you big odds.
TBR says2016-01-13T03:23:21.1149342Z
Vegas is 9:2 right now on Trump. I will give... 7:1
sadolite says2016-01-13T22:09:00.8909139Z
We all lose if he loses
tajshar2k says2016-01-13T22:10:50.7736408Z
Not the Mexicans.
sadolite says2016-05-08T15:09:24.3587307Z
Well here we are months later and Donald trump is the "presumptive" nominee. He "WILL" win in a landslide even bigger than Reagan!! What say you now? Mock me Bwahahahahaha Who's delusional?
Hanspete says2016-05-08T20:50:24.6600841Z
sadolite says2016-05-08T21:10:28.8786034Z
Never Trump Bwahahahahahaha A raging train a tsunami and a landslide coming your way
sadolite says2016-05-08T21:12:21.6205261Z
Liberalism and the Democrats have been in charge for 30 years now. Time for a change we can really believe in LOL
sadolite says2016-07-15T21:31:27.8356728Z
Well here we are months later. Anybody still standing at the base of the hill and scoffing at Trump winning by a land slide? I mean how can anyone vote for Hillary I mean how can you?
Hanspete says2016-07-16T13:43:40.0347216Z
I am, cause until hell freezes over I don't think Trump will win by anything close to a landslide, or win anything for that matter.
sadolite says2016-11-09T22:22:32.4847767Z
Well looks like I was right. Now if only I could remember that guys name that we bet each other that one of us would have to leave DDO for 3 months if we lost.
sadolite says2016-11-09T22:24:59.8901216Z
TBR You have to leave DDO for 3 months. A bet is a bet, you lost. Now deactivate your account imediately.

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