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Krieg01 says2013-10-14T20:09:28.7520080-05:00
Books are also a good source of information and it is a good way to spend time but I prefer watching T.V.
yay842 says2013-10-14T20:11:36.7290340-05:00
Books suck in my opinion
kawaii_crazy says2013-10-14T20:13:04.8317633-05:00
I love to read.
Schrodinger says2013-11-02T21:05:13.9655873-05:00
I completely agree, Yay842. Books do suck. That's why I would rather watch a video.
54Hugo says2013-11-05T14:03:06.8911790-06:00
What do books suck?
54Hugo says2013-11-05T14:03:08.5603897-06:00
What do books suck?
yay842 says2013-11-05T19:07:24.2521371-06:00
Books suck because I have to read, it takes so much longer. Also its more easier to visualize whats going on in a TV
DestroyingAngel says2013-11-15T11:27:33.6458148-06:00
Great arguement (!)... As much of a TV nut as I am, gotta go with the books on this one - and personally I find you can visualise what is going on in the book if you have imagination...
chloereadsbooks231746 says2014-06-22T12:28:07.4772245-05:00
Books are the best things ever created! I thank God everyday for these wondrous objects being written. TV is not as entertaining as books because on television, you are not able to visualize what YOU wish as for books, you may 'paint a picture' in your mind of what you wish things to look like. Also, books educate you and teach you new things, about a specific topic or just your writing skills in general.

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