Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

Posted by: scots

Would you stand up to the rest of the Jurors as Juror 8 did?

  • I would stand up against the rest of the Jurors

  • I would not and agree with other Jurors

100% 6 votes
0% No votes
  • Juror number eight was extremely brave to stand against these Eleven men. He must have been under quite a lot of pressure from the Jurors around him. He stated he did not know if the boy was innocent or guilty, he just said he would like to talk about it. I would not like to send a boy to die without speaking about so I would do what Juror Number Eight did.

    Posted by: scots
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carriead20 says2014-12-03T14:26:54.8440039-06:00
He "won" too. @scots: Did you get this idea from a class?
scots says2014-12-03T14:28:08.8650549-06:00
No just found the play and read it
scots says2014-12-03T14:29:27.2107518-06:00
I think there are many people like Jurors three and Ten.
carriead20 says2014-12-03T14:34:43.4308598-06:00
There are too many people like jurors ten and three. What did you think of it?
scots says2014-12-03T14:37:06.0185158-06:00
I liked it ,like how he does not give them names. It is like he is saying anyone can be huber Eight unfortunately it also means people can be like huber ten and three as well.

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