• Twix

  • Snickers

61% 20 votes
39% 13 votes
  • I dislike caramel all together, but if I had to choose one, Snickers is better.

    Posted by: Keter
  • Snickers are softer unlike twix!

  • snickers has more veriety than twix. also snickers has mor flaver. lastly twix does not have i as amazing inside just cookie and caremel

    Posted by: hi4g4u
  • I believe that Snickers are better because it has a bigger variety, dark chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, etc. Snickers also provide more for the same price as the Twix bar.

  • Snickers are very delicious

  • twix uses just for a dildo

    Posted by: mats21
  • Hi yum

    Posted by: Yu.M
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tobbison says2018-09-19T09:17:05.8312610Z
Mats is poo
SEBBI says2018-09-19T09:18:11.7315698Z
SÆBBI Locks like complete shit

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