• Boxing

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33% 4 votes
  • MMA (UFC is just a title name/company) has boxing in it. It's better because you have a large variety if people to watch. It gets better with the mixes of many disciplines and not just one.

    Posted by: Berend
  • UFC is the future. Boxing is getting real boring and there are wayyy too many third parties involved ! At least in the UFC all the fighters are under the same banner. The cards in UFC are way more stacked and regular also

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Tumblrnatic says2015-05-03T07:08:37.6622417-05:00
Someone explain the difference
DarthKirones says2015-05-03T09:51:09.6599820-05:00
UFC is mixed martial arts, with kicks, wrestling and submission, while boxing is just punches.

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