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  • Leaving the EU instantly puts millions of jobs at risk overnight. Our largest trading partner is the EU and the risk of "going it alone" is simply not worth it, and probably damaging in the long term. It would be most foolish to cut off all ties with our largest trading partner...

  • I hope they make the right decision and don't vote for him. Australia goofed up and voted for Tony Abbott; hopefully they don't screw up too.

  • They're like the libertarians here. Crying for relevance

    Posted by: Csareo
  • UKIP is the only party who can save UK from impoverishing. Banks have too much control over EU.

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Csareo says2014-05-22T19:55:57.2401268-05:00
How is UKIP dangerous though. They have the influence of the American LP
discomfiting says2014-05-22T19:59:39.8199842-05:00
If they get what they want, they'll be dangerous.
Csareo says2014-05-22T20:04:09.5613133-05:00
They wont. UKIP is the UK's version of the short bus. I'll the retards join the band wagon. Nigel Farange is extremely racist. All the serious libertarians join the UK conservative party
discomfiting says2014-05-22T20:05:54.0734248-05:00
The reason I said yes was because of the recent polls saying they'd vote UKIP. They're up about 38k+ members which is a little scary.
Csareo says2014-05-22T20:08:17.6558248-05:00
Really? The USLP has 300,000. UKIP isn't even a threat in local elections. Nigel promised a parliament seat. Nope? Mkay?
Zylorarchy says2014-05-23T02:19:28.9469387-05:00
I really meant if they were in power, would they be a major threat, but I understand that they are never likely to win a general election. If they did win, they would withdraw us from the EU which in itself is very dangerous.
Csareo says2014-05-23T02:21:04.6067655-05:00
The LP in the US is much more dangerous then the institution of UKIP. All libertarian parties are a joke
Zylorarchy says2014-05-23T02:24:34.3637387-05:00
I must admit though... UKIP are doing extremely well on the European Elections, better than any other the three mainstream parties...
Csareo says2014-05-23T02:29:02.3405387-05:00
Nigels promise to win a government seat failed. The LP is weenie. I do know the effects of a libertarian getting elected though. All of America does. Its called Kansas. We also have tea party coalitions based in our nation. I don't think any tea parties exist within England, but they put a lot of libertarians up for local elections. The LP short bus is growing, and fast. With hopes, these fools die out in WW3.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-23T02:33:49.6155894-05:00
Hmm, I've heard of the Royalist Tea Party? Someone on this site went by that name, my and her sort of had a debate in the comments section of a poll, though she resorted to name calling...
Zylorarchy says2014-05-23T06:49:26.8001618-05:00
Thankfully the European seats are swinging now in Labour's favour.

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