Ukraine Chemical explosion. Really a Chem plant or something bigger?

Posted by: xhammy

Recently "a Chemical plant in Ukraine was hit by Ukraine artillery fire" Many citizens recorded it and for whatever reason there is skepticism. Note the event is in the news so the videos are not fake

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Its really just a chemical plant

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Tactical, not standard, tactical nuke

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Something else

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Was a secret Russian nuke storage sight and got hit (unlikely as must be armed)

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MOAB: Mother Of All Bombs; fuel air bomb. (if it helps MW3)

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Varrack says2015-02-11T08:21:10.9751059-06:00
It could be a plot to from the pro-Russian rebels to take down the Ukranian government.
The-Voice-of-Truth says2015-02-11T10:39:03.5323340-06:00
It was no nuke. If it was a nuke, everything on the surface in that area would not exist.
xhammy says2015-02-12T09:18:02.1092512-06:00
Actually The-voice-of-truth The entire sight shown on Ukraine news was without any sign of derbies just a crater. Like you said "if it was a nuke, everything on the surface in that area would not exist" everything on that surface no longer exists, meaning according to you it was a nuke
The-Voice-of-Truth says2015-02-12T09:25:25.1095318-06:00
Yes, @xhammy, but there would be fallout, and the blast radius would have been immense. There would be radiation everywhere as well. It was just a shelling; rockets are known to leave no debris.

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