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  • The people of the Ukraine have showed their support for the European Union. By the peoples choice the Ukraine should join the EU.

    Posted by: sol96
  • Clearly

    Posted by: STALIN
  • First of all, the Ukranian people want to go to the European Union. This would bring them closer to the western world, which could help the people in many sectors, including the economic one. The only reason Russia wants Ukraine is to expand their land size and maybe their resources. If Ukraine joins Russia, it will become a poor and useless nation, because Russia will take all its resources and deplete Ukraine of what Russia needs, and then leave Ukraine without anything to get back started again.

  • The MAJORITY of the country wants to be aligned with the EU, as evidenced by EuroMaidan, and Yanukovych's subsequent impeachment. Though the Crimean parliament has just voted to join Russia (something Kiev calls unconstitutional), majority rules. After all, the Crimea makes up only about 4.32% of the land mass of Ukraine, and only about 4.48% of the Ukrainian population. Again, majority rules.

    Posted by: SRD95
  • First of all, Putin, known by my contemporaries as "Bad Vlad", is going mad. If the Russians are being "persecuted" in Ukraine, they can always go back to Russia. You cannot simply send your countrymen into another country and populate a peninsula and expect to take over after a rigged election. Second, Ukraine wants to be part of EU.

  • Russia wants its "small Russia" back. Ukrainians want to be independent. Those who put the Russian flags on poles in the Eastern Ukraine, are not Ukrainians- they are either Russians, or just separatists. EU used a better way to represent their "ideas", while Russia always used aggression to solve any complicated conflict.

    Posted by: KEUgen
  • The Ukrainian people chose what they want to go to, and that is the EU. It should be right for them.

  • Fair enough, all good views. You can;t justify Russia's actions invading Crimea

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  • Ukraine is definitely not part of Russia. Annexing Crimea I do not support. Ukraine should be its own state in the EU.

  • With Russia, there is no future. The Russian economy has plummeted, the government continues to isolate themselves, and the country has more than enough problems on the national level. We care about the future of Ukraine. We want our children to grow up in an independent and democratic country. We want an end to corruption and want Ukraine to be a respected country which is willing to participate in international cooperation. We have dreams, and we are willing to do anything to make these dreams a reality. If something is not right, we take a stand. Clearly, Russians do not take a stand against injustice and corruption, and this is the defining difference between modern day Ukraine and modern day Russia. In short, Ukraine belongs in Europe where individuals and nations are respected. Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

  • Europe has suffered with ridiculously high gasoline prices ever since the rise of the Putin-Medvedev regime in Russia. A European-aligned Ukrainian government would be the first step to lower gas prices throughout Europe.

  • obviously

    Posted by: LENIN
  • because the eu should not exist at all

  • The EU is a failure. Poverty in Germany is rising, Spain and Italy are in a crisis. Greece. If Ukraine instead goes with Russia, they get cheap gas. Which is good for a economy. The government in Ukraine is self imposed, and is so unpopular that a civil war is in Ukraine around Slavyanks and Donetsk. Crimea joined Russia, the PMs have very low approval ratings. And their treasury is empty. Pensions have been cut to half. Need I say more?

  • Um russias a boss so get out their grill of u wont get steak

  • Ukraine has many cultural bounds to Russia[n Empire], it's more civilised than South East Asia, but still far away from Western Europe. They want European salaries, but don't work as much hard as Europeans do. However, in threat of colonisation of Europe by non-Christians they are useful.

  • has been part of russia/soviet union for over 100 years. AND despite what MURICA is saying the Ukrainian people actually voted for a pro russia president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ukraine had an illegal Western backed coup. That's about enough to justify that Ukraine should take the side of the East, the one who has offered to help Ukraine more than what the EU has offered!

  • Ukraine is an artificial state, just as "ukranians" is an artificial nation, created as a consequence of soviet "rooting policy". Ukraine should have never been created, so its land must be returned under russian reign.

  • 1. The nations of Ukraine and Russia have historically been close. 2. If allied with the EU/USA, tensions in the area will rise, as the USA will undoubtedly want to base its military in the Ukraine, as it has done in most all neighbouring countries. 3. The EU has proved to be a failing union, with the crisis in Greece, Italy and Spain being proof enough, along with speculation about the UK leaving the union. 4. The current regime in the Ukraine is illegitimate, as it was brought to power via coup. 5. The Kiev regime is accountable for thousands of civilian deaths in the east of the country, where the population is predominately ethnic Russian.

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donald.keller says2014-02-03T18:49:52.4665816-06:00
I'm shocked by Stalins vote.
abry3236 says2014-02-04T11:57:38.9356160-06:00
The people have also support the Russians.
STALIN says2014-02-04T12:03:16.0375752-06:00
Donald. My name might be STALIN but I still have enough common sense to know that Ukraine doesn't like Russia. This is not the Soviet Union anymore.
vondrmar says2014-02-20T14:38:17.2421999-06:00
Ukraine deserve to be in the EU. Ukraine is not Russia and has never been.
KadenMumford39 says2014-04-10T09:34:01.1798402-05:00
Ukraine is a weak country putting itself in the European union will open opportunities for the Ukraine and its people
elizabethwilldebate says2014-05-07T14:52:50.9325198-05:00
First of all EU can help Ukraine with more economics. Second of all Russia is just taking over just to have more land for themselves, and Ukraine deserves a good country. It is said Russia needs more land and money so Russia is just getting Ukraine's important places. The places that gets them more money.
Blackshark says2014-05-13T14:04:29.7820847-05:00
Ukraine WAS part of Russia. It only got independent because the the civil war, reds vs whites.
Charliemouse says2014-06-05T06:05:19.9444143-05:00
No no no this is all wrong and so, so , so ignorant. Ukraine shouldn't join EITHER side but rather reestablish a secure government and be INDEPENDANT
eliurns says2014-06-11T15:11:05.1893065-05:00
Relating to lucasd_j's comment: poverty in germany is not rising, I live here and the people are well off.
spiderek1 says2014-07-22T11:22:15.0179070-05:00
Who would say no, you people are communists
biggest_pro_going says2015-04-26T13:40:07.3456026-05:00
Oora comrade

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